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Christopher Waltz Wins Best Supporting Actor for “Django Unchained”


Millions of people loved the film “Django Unchained,” starring Jamie Foxx.  They also loved the performance by Christopher Waltz, who played Foxx’s mentor throughout the film.  Waltz and his hard work have now been rewarded with a win at the 2013 Academy Awards, where he walked away with Best Supporting Actor next to Foxx.

Waltz spoke to Ryan Seacrest about an injury he sustained on the set of the film while riding a horse.

“Well, I fell off,” Waltz said. “Our stunt coordinator said in a rodeo, it would be an 86.5. I don’t know what that means.”

Before playing Dr. King Schultz in this film, Waltz had already won the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival for his work in another Tarantino production, “Inglorious Bastards.”

Waltz was born in Austria and is fluent in three languages.  “Django Unchained” was a controversial film, receiving mixed reviews, but selling tickets worldwide.  Director Spike Lee said that he refused to see the film, but it was number one at the box office for several weeks in a row.  Min. Louis Farrakhan said that the racial violence in the film could spark a race war.

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