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Staple Singer Cleotha Staples Passes Away At 78

StapleSingers223The eldest sister of the famed gospel group, the Staple Singers, has passed away. The Staple Singers began their singing career in 1948, after singing at church, one Sunday morning. They received a very generous offering and used that money to further their career.

The group signed their first professional contract in 1952. Over the years they have recorded for several record labels, United Records, Vee-Jay, Checkers Records, Riverside Records, and eventually Epic Records, in 1965. It was at this point that the group moved into the mainstream arena with hits like, “Why ( Am I Treated So Bad) and “ For What It’s Worth”.

The group, then left Epic for Stax in 1968. Two of their timeless hits, under the label were “Respect Yourself” and “ I’ll Take You There” , which topped Billboard charts, in 1978. Cleotha Staples, affectionately known as “Cleedi” was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in 1999, along with her family, and they received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005, from the Grammys.

The Staples Singers were not only known for their R&B charting hits, but they also had a long stay in the gospel genre. They became one of the biggest gospel groups of their time, in 1969. Some of their gospel hits included, “On My Way To Heaven”, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken”, and “Uncloudy Day”.

The family were advocates for civil rights and became heavily involved in the movement, in 1962. Upon the request of Rev. Martin Luther King, they would come and bless audiences with their voices.  Funeral arrangements, for the icon have not been announced.. Staples died Feb. 21st, in Chicago, of complications from Alzheimer’s disease. She was 78.

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