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Supreme Court Denies ‘Chuck E. Cheese’ Killer’s Appeal, Setting Stage For Execution

The Supreme Court has denied an appeal by the so-called Chuck E. Cheese killer, Nathan Dunlap, setting the stage for his execution by chuck e cheese killerthe state of Colorado.

Dunlap was convicted of killing four Chuck E. Cheese employees in Aurora, Colorado in 1993, long before the Aurora ‘Batman’ shooter, James Holmes, wreaked havoc on the city.

Dunlap, now 38, was convicted in 1996, and the family of his victims are still waiting for justice to be served in this case.

“I don’t know if Dunlap is ever going to be executed,” Sylvia Crowell, the mother of a victim, told today. “Whether he dies from natural causes or from execution doesn’t matter to me, but he better not leave that prison except in a pine box.”

Dunlap, who had recently been fired from the restaurant, came in as the restaurant was closing, and shot Crowell’s 19 year old daughter in the head as she was closing the salad bar.

Dunlap also killed Ben Grant, 17, as he was cleaning and Colleen O’Connor, 17, who was cleaning the kid restaurant’s ‘quiet room’ for adults when Dunlap approached her. She begged for her life, but Dunlap heartlessly killed her anyway. Dunlap also killed the restaurant’s  manager Margaret Kohlberg.

Although Dunlap’s appeals have run out, his attorney can still file a stay of execution, but it is unlikely that the state’s governor would grant the convicted killer clemency.



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