Jay-Z Is Finally Free Gets New Publishing Deal and Rights To His Master Recordings

Jay-Z221Now this is how you stay afloat in the music industry.  What do we call a man who has mastered the industry? We call him a Jay-Z, because that is exactly what Jay-Z has done. Many entertainers in the industry wait a lifetime, before reaching the caliber that Jay-Z has in a little over twenty years.

Artists long to own what they do and  Jay-Z  has the blueprint on how to do it.  Now before everyone starts talking about the blueprint being a part of a so called “Illuminati” cult, let’s point out that the music industry is a business, just like any corporation. You have to know the players, the rules, and develop relationships (network) .

One such relationship  that Jay-Z developed was with Warner/Chapell Music’s, Jon Platt.  Warner/Chapell Music has announced that they will be administering the copyright of Jay-Z’s songs and the roster for Roc Nation. Jay-Z’s publishing was once under EMI, where Platt formerly was. Now the publishing rights have finally expired and Jay-Z can move his repertoire over to Warner Chappell.

Of the move Jay-Z said that “The real meaning of success is being in the position to work with an individual you consider a friend.Jon Platt is such a person. He’s a man of extraordinary character as well as a remarkably talented executive with an ear for music and an eye for talent. It’s great to watch him grow to be one the best in the business.”

 Platt said , “I couldn’t be happier to continue my relationships with Jay and Roc Nation and build on our partnerships at Warner/Chappell. We have the global expertise and resources to deliver new opportunities for their amazing catalogs, while helping them reach new heights of success around the world.”

Not only will Jay-Z  be in a place that feels comfortable, business wise, but by the year 2014, he will also own all the master recordings of his music, which puts him completely in  control of  his success. Jay-Z can finally say that he owns what he does, which is the artist’s ultimate dream.

 Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.

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  1. Dre, you missed the point of what I said. Dame is probably doing nothing now as is a lot of people with Business degrees. The point is, where does Jay Z’s business sense come from? Life experience? Did it come naturally? I don’t think so. I think he had a little help from the Global Puppeteers that decide what we listen to, what we eat, what our children learn, etc. If you believe that Jay Z and Beyonce are where they are due to sheer talent, brilliance, and hard work then you are dillusional.

  2. If Dame was all you claim. What has he done since they splut ways?

  3. So you’re saying Jay Z got this deal because of his strong business acumen? Put the Kool-aid down! This is a former drug dealing high school drop out with no type of business experience. If you recall, it was Dash that made all the business moves back in the day. Jay Z can’t even speak intelligently while Dash had an actual business degree. Jay Z sticks to what he knows, writing about his life experiences. And nowadays, those life experiences include multi million dollar art collections and vacations in places a lot of people haven’t heard of. He worships money and power and has sold his soul to get it. And we are supposed to believe that Jay Z is in the boardroom brokering multi million dollar deals with people who got their MBA’s from Harvard? Why haven’t any other artists been afforded such an opportunity? Is Jay Z smarter and more talented than any other musician with African descent in history? He ain’t nothing but their pet, a mascot who they have paid well to push their agendas. When they pull his chain, he barks. Nothing but Illuminati Puppet Perks! Don’t be fooled by him or his show dog. I’m sure her Master Recordings will be acquired next.