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Fight Over Saggy Pants Ignites NYC Subway Fight…Then Spills Over to YouTube Comments Section

The fight over baggy pants is getting intense. Many of the people who find themselves  unwittingly staring at another man’s underwear, through nosaggy pants fault of their own, are fed up. On the other side of the debate are those who view saggy pants as some sort of fashion statement, and  hide behind their right to self expression.

Well, tensions boiled over on a NYC subway train yesterday when a fight erupted after one man confronted another fellow about his saggy pants and visible underwear.

The poster of the YouTube video provides an account of what happened:

Man in the purple shirt asked the man in the red/black to pull up his pants (his rear-end was hanging out) and he said no. Man in the purple freaked out saying he is being disrespectful etc. Next thing you know the man in the red is sailing towards me thrown by the guy in purple, the busy train seperates and makes room. He proceedes to smash him into the bench, another guy tries to intervene and is held back.

In the video, the guy in the purple seems to be attempting to prevent a kid from getting involved in the fight, so w’ere not sure what happened there. But hilariously, the fight over saggy pants continued in the YouTube comments section, with the guy in purple telling his side of the story:

It wasn’t over his pants I ask him kindly to either move over or pull up his pants because his put was in my face I understood the train was pack so I ask nicely he turn around and told me nigga dont touch me. We began arguing the rest is history.

Correction his butt in my face

Got it.

Anyway, you can watch the partial video here. 



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