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Actor Tracy Morgan Says Alec Baldwin Should Apologize But Will He?

Alec-Baldwin-Tracy-Morgan221 Former 30 Rock star, Tracy Morgan, says that his former co-star should apologize, for the alleged slurs that he used towards a New York Post photographer. Morgan did not mix words, when asked about the incident.

On Tuesday, Morgan called a North Carolina radio station to discuss it.  Morgan told the radio station, “ If you call somebody a ‘coon’ you should apologize.” He added “there is no excuse for that and you’re in your fifties.”

Tracey says it goes for anyone, telling the radio station, “ if another black person calls somebody a ‘coon’ he should apologize.” “If he did it.”  Now Baldwin is literally laughing off the notion of apologizing for his actions.  According to TMZ, when they caught up with Baldwin, he pointed out Morgan’s use of the word “if”.

We’ll see who gets the last laugh, as the allegations are now being investigated by the New York City Hate Crime Task Force.


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