50 Cent Says He Had Reality Show ‘Starter Wives Confidential’ Cancelled Because it Was ‘Trash’

Fiddy must’ve been pretty worried about what his ex reveal on the new show TLC reality show ‘Starter Wives Confidential’, because he Image 50-cent-2012-07-17-300x300.jpgallegedly caused enough trouble to get the show taken off the air.

The show about the lives of celebrity exes was scheduled to debut on January 29th, but cast member Monica Jospeh-Taylor blogged to tell fans that the show will now only appear online.

Taylor, who is the ex-wife of DJ Funkmaster Flex, expressed her feelings about the cancellation:

It’s no secret Starter Wives Confidential was plagued by legal inquiries and possible lawsuits from the beginning. Starting with Shanequa Tompkins being missing from all the episodes, her ex 50 cent allegedly had an agreement or contract with her of some sort that either prevented or made it difficult for her to partake in the show. 

Taylor continued, wondering aloud what role fear played in the show’s cancellation:

I can only imagine there were a lot of people who were afraid what would come out on Starter Wives Confidential and as you saw from the first few episodes, the ladies were NOT holding back! Trust me it gets better and much juicier. But I digress. (I always wanted to say that in a post.)

Later, 50 Cent snarkily tweeted that he’d made sure the reality show was canceled because he didn’t like it.

50 Cent tweets




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  1. 50 cents is a insecure thin skined snake ..narcisist with homosexual tendacies..soft fake ass nigga

    • Good! We don’t need anymore ratchet females on TV talking about who or what they don’t have anymore!

    • Good! We don’t need anymore ratchet females on TV talking about who or what they don’t have anymore!