Report: Soledad O’Brien Out at CNN, Being Replaced by Erin Burnett

CNN’s new boss Jeff Zucker recently took over the ratings challenged news network and is reportedly looking to make some major soledad_obrien2010-med-bigchanges to increase viewership. According to the New York Post, one of Zucker’s first changes has been to replace morning anchor Soledad O’Brien with Erin Burnett.

Sources tell the Post that O’Brien is reportedly ready to leave the network since CNN did not make good on its promise of granting her a prime-time slot. Zucker apparently feels that O’Brien’s brand of long form journalism doesn’t fit his vision for the network.

One source with knowledge of the rearrangement said, “The deal to move Erin to the morning alongside Chris Cuomo is basically done. Soledad had been told she’d get a prime-time slot, but that hasn’t yet happened, and now she is telling friends she is likely to leave.”

The unnamed source added: “Soledad is talented at producing in-depth, serious pieces of journalism, and is a tough interviewer. That doesn’t seem to fit the direction the network is going.”

A second source said, “Soledad is a big star, and would only stay for the right show. There’s word there will be a flurry of announcements at CNN very soon, including Erin’s move to the morning.”

O’Brien has been with CNN since 2003, when she began anchoring American Morning, but up until recently, she had devoted most of her time at CNN to specials like Black in America. She’s anchored the current morning show, “Starting Point,” since January of last year.




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  1. Thank you! There is a GOD! Now I’ll never have to worry about thoes damn “Black In America” series again!

  2. Onesilverbac:

    You are not very smart at all.

  3. I have been watching msnbc. If she leaves cnn I hope that she goes to msnbc and I will be watching much more often.

  4. MSNBC Hear I Come. Starting Right Now!

  5. Come on over to MSNBC soledad. This is where the news is real. So long CNN will not be watching you again.

  6. I can hardly see the replacement of soledad. What ever CNN,s problem is i guess we will not know but however i will not watch CNN ever again. Come on over to MSNBC soledad and join the real people of news today.

  7. Black people are the first fired?

  8. Black people are the first fired?

  9. once again this is a fine example of why we should have our own network’s a similar thing happened in Dallas,Tx with a Radio station called KKDA which was WHITE owned and one day the owner decided to sell it to koreans so that was the end of that particular minstrel show station ,that was dressed in Black face with Black issue’s ,but no real black power.they would organize big parties for new year’s,sea criuses,and various other event’s that would cost ,however not one of them ever though about pooling resources to get their own radio station so now it doesn’t exsist any more.some black’s were even talking about picketing the station ,but I thought how stupid would that be to picket something you don’t own nor controll …how foolish! Soledad will find other job she’s qualified,maybe even start her on venue!

  10. What Ms. OBrian, should do is have a news conference and announce that she is GAY, I am sure CNN, would create a slot for her, since every body at CNN, these day are coming out of the CLOSET.
    All the GAY men at CNN, have prominent slots, why not go with what it takes to get a slot?.

  11. It’s comical: all the comments of the network being racist!

    If you ever get into a position to be of value you might notice less “racism”!

    Blacks are not respected both for what we do, “nothing” and what we don’t do “something”!

    Yes we have a black President, who is putting the nation in a financial hole we will never ever come out of.

    Most all of the black politician are corrupt, or inept.

    We elect other blacks because of our shear numbers (chocolate cities), and they are able to speak quite well; not because they are capable and honest or have expertise in any given area, (like our President). Yes we love them, we however are doing a disservice to our selves because everyone else can see how incompetent the person is. Jessie Jr., Ray Nagin, Kwame Kilpactrick, Charles Rangle and many more.

    Then instead of admitting our error, we will say it’s because of racism. Jessie is a thief, Nagin is incompetent,Kilpactrick is a street thug, Rangle is a clown. The President is smart but does not know how to run a country and make it a economic powerhouse again.

    Soledad is not and was not the best black/person of color on the networks,

  12. What does genious mean?

  13. What is a genious? LOL

    • @bobbyjones

      Even when genius is misspelled you still know it doesn’t apply to you!

      You should wear a condom on your head because if you’re gonna act like a dick you might as well dress like one!

      You’re one load your mum should have swallowed!

  14. But why does this matter? She’s NOT black. Just because she did a couple shows on “Black America” you think she’s black? You better do your research. SHE will have another job, SOON. REAL black women/men that lose their jobs should have your support. Just sayin. #research

  15. Here today gone tomorrow today’s black anchor. Gone but not forgotten. Was it politically motivated? A question we will all ask. Good luck Soledad.

  16. I saw this coming after I heard of the new General Managers hiring. First Don Lemon and now Soledad! Goodbye CNN…

  17. Soledad needs to look at MSNBC.
    CNN is the new racist FOX News.
    Their loss!

  18. No need to watch cnn anymore

    • Fernando, you and Gennene Wilburn are on the same page with me! Furshah has a good idea: maybe Soledad O’Brien could start a news forum on OWN. Such a program would give Oprah’s channel some gravitas. Another good one hits the dust! Best of luck to you, Soledad.

  19. Mrs.Soledad can create a News Forum for the OWN network.

  20. Sorry to see Soledad O’Brien will not be on in the morning.I feel she is a fantastic Special Report journalist and I look forward to seeing in depth specials presented by her.I enjoyed her program in the morning and she did challenge the far right visitors and I know they did not like that.Jeff Zucker is not doing to well up front with some of his decisions made already and that is sad.Small minded people feel they should disrupt formats as soon as they get a position just to say “I am running this show” it is very sad.But she has other options out there T.V. ONe Cathy Hughes appreciate Good Journalist and MSNBC since they are #1 ANYWAY!!!Thank you Soledad for the work you have already done and I am sure better things are in store for you.God Bless!!!!

  21. Back in the day, I would watch CNN because of that guy on Wolf Blitzer, I can’t even remember his name, but he was good on his short reports and asking for responses. I don’t know if he is still on Wolf’s show.

    I haven’t watched Soledad in years, including her “Black” examinations of black culture, always thought they should be examining how it is for ‘whites’ to live in America as being more instructive.

    I would prefer if MSNBC would get more black women in the color of Joy, it would be more esthetic pleasing to me. Joy is as smart as a whip and I love the color of her skin, it’s unique since she’s the only one of her skin color on all channels except PBS. Let me say this–I’m insulted by the networks choosing all light skin people and that is not saying that they are not qualified, but geez!

  22. I plan to meet Ms. Soledad at a conference this spring in SF..I will be sure to let her know what some of you think of her color/racial identity….

  23. I have watched Soledad’s morning show and I agree that her talents aren’t being fully utilized. That show is as fluffed and lame as it could get. She seemed uncomfortable and out of place, almost to the point that she seemed goofy, tripping up over herself and asking questions of her subjects that obviously didn’t come from her, but from the writers behind the scenes. She’s a serious talent and deserves a serious time slot. Let’s hope she gets one

  24. Sad…….Soledad was the reason I started watching CNN! So…….I guess I’ll be watching her on MSNBC! (I hope)
    She certainly is a woman of color I admire!

  25. See, we don’t have a clue!
    Know one has a life time contract, if you do not bring in the viewers, you have to go! Period! It’s just business!

    If she has the skill that another network can use she’ll get hired if not she can always headline at a local station in a major market!

    The first thing out of your mouths is hate and racist remarks! Anytime anything involving a black person that you consider negative has to be racist!

    It’s no wonder we’re so angry we think every little thing is racist, you might want to consider that since racist is used for everything we don’t care for, it has loss it’s meaning!

    “She has blonde hair and blue eye, she a racist” Really!

    I don’t watch FOX, they’re racist! How do you know if you’ve never seen the station, “somebody told me” no wonder we get no respect!



      You seem to forget when dealing your race cards that FOX has several black anchors – Arthelle Neville, Harris Faulkner and Charles Payne for starters, not to mention numerous regular contributors.

      Your accusation of racism is completely lame and unfounded but unfortunately that’s what I’ve come to expect. Don Lemon is lucky to have a job at CNN as obviously biased as he is.

  27. CNN has went the other way years ago when they started covering Wars and BS like that! Another reason Black folks need our own Networks & a overdue need to practice Group Economics and our own & stop worrying about other Groups! Just think if we practiced group economics Asians Arabs & others would be Bummy & on the Welfare Rolls not us! But the problem is We see things through the eyes of Whites accept your own and Be yourself!

  28. CNN has went the other way years ago when they started covering Wars and BS like that! Another reason Black folks need our own Networks & a overdue need to practice Group Economics and our own & stop worrying about other Groups! Just think if we practiced group economics Asians Arabs & others would be Bummy & on the Welfare Rolls not us! But the problem is We see things through the eyes of Whites accept your own and Be yourself!

  29. She had her ways, very disrespectful to Roland Martin who had a show for a small time on Cnn. They should have hired him. Stop lookin at these networks that treat our people like that and let them know.Roland is most talented. Watch him on TV ONe Washington Watch. She will land on her feet because she knows how to play white.

  30. Women of color always have a problem on a job if they are intelligent. Me watch Erin Burnett, DON’T THINK SO, but then again those FOX guys might watch…will be the same type show with a blonde, showing her to skinny gams under a table…oh NO!

  31. I stopped watching CNN when I was discovered how racist Lou Dobbs was and they continued to keep him on patroll. CNN will continue to have poor ratings now that will have a new racist on the their morning show.

  32. They don’t want serious news anchors on CNN. Don’t believe me? Watch Morning Express With Robin Meade on HLN. There you have a very attractive woman reading news and acting silly ie flirty, light hearted, etc. Soledad (whatever her race – although I’ve heard her identify with both Black & Latino) is a great journalist.

  33. As soon as one voices his opinion about racism and takes a stand, they’re talking too much!!Sole, we love you and will follow you to your next destination. Maybe it is time for some additional changes at CNN, like MSNBC!!!

  34. no surprise here this was expected, been talked about for a few months now their is no loyalty anywhere except with your dog, people darn sure don’t have it

  35. Oprah will hire her

  36. I’ve not liked many of the changes CNN has made & this tips it. Erin is a pretty face, but so boring. CNN keeps sinking deeper in the hole

  37. What about this…SHE IS A HUMAN BEING.

  38. @David, that was SOME comment man. William touched a nerve huh? “slave minded” and “dumb ass” AND “blind ass” !Damn! I’m gonna be tickled the rest of the night.

  39. While Soledad did do the “black in america” and others in america in depth reporting, I have to say she lost me when she showed that….while she unearths these truths about the real way people of color are treated….she did not trully believe her own journalism. Case and point…she was amazed and in disbelief when the police arrested the professor for breaking in to his own home. Her reaction was so over the top in disbelief it just told me, that she really has no idea REALLY the trials and tribulations true people of color go through.I am sure she will land on her feet.

  40. I will miss Soledad, but the handwriting was on the wall once Zucker came over to CNN.

    She left the Today Show as a weekend anchor to get a prime time slot at CNN and I am imagining that did not go over too well.
    This sounds like sour grapes! Chris Cuomo is a draw, Erin is not.
    Solead will end up somewhere great and continue to do hard journalism, not flash in the pan stuff.
    Good luck Soledad, CNN will lose viewers when you leave, great idea Zucker!

  41. O’Brien is Afro Cuban and Australian, so if a person doesn’t like her style of reporting they hate her……

    Stop with the madness , get thicker skin, I didn’t care much for her style either, Blackbin America is good .

  42. I’ve been watching CNN for a long time and I love Soledad O’Brien and her In depth style of jounalism abroad to cover and shed light on the plights of all demographics unbiased even though she’s a black anchor woman. Good luck . I’m sure she won’t be out of work long. She’ll have my continued support. She earned it.

  43. I guess this is a news story on a black blog because of her claim to be black. Usually being black in the media is a liability/obstacle. But in her case her claim to be black led her to become the top negro voice at CNN mainly because she wasn’t. By her not being given a prime time show I guess her claims of blackness caught up with her.

    • Who are you to decide if she, or isn’t black?

      • Since you’re unimaginative or just too stupid to come up with differnt name other than mines you’re obviously too stupid to realize she isn’t black. She simply used that to further her career at a white racist news network CNN that would prefer putting someone who isn’t black on air over a black journalist. If you look at CNN’s black on air talent other than Roland Martin they all would past the brown paper bag test with flying colors.

        Soledad Obrien simply exploited the one drop rule to go to the head of the line in front of other qualified black journalist. There are whites with blond hair and blue eyes who have similar cultural backgrounds like hers. I bet you and others in here would NOT be agreeing with Soledad Obrien claims of blackness if she had blond hair and blue eyes and cream colored skin.

        • Hey David2001, I guess folks are too lazy to research and will eat poop and think it’s steak if that’s what someone else calls it.

          She’s NOT black. Just because she did a couple shows on “Black America” you think she’s black? You better do your research. SHE will have another job, SOON. REAL black women/men that lose their jobs should have your support. Just sayin. #research

        • Ok genious!

          Since you’re the judge in deciding who is black-African American in American, please tell Minister Farrakhan black-African American?

          He is no different than Soledad, both of his parents were immigrants! I’m sure he meets your criteria to be in the black club!

          Therefore we need some clarification on how you decide who is black.

          Please tell us KING DAVID2001 , what is your criteria in deciding who is black-African American in America?

          I would hate to have your job! Don’t get insulted, but is your job devoted to spreading ignorance?

        • I am so sorry to tell you David2001 ,but Soledad is Black I have a few friend’s that look like her and have the same cultural make up and they are Black as JAMES BROWN! and they don’t pretend to be anything other,not to mention their unique BOLDEST for standing up for Black people when people like Herman Cain and Judge C.Thomas would I agree with the others who are you to define BLACKEST? Malcolm X,Walter White,W.E.B.Dubois,J.A.Rogers and I could go were all light skin so WHAT?.