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Pam Grier: Black America’s First S*x Symbol to be Honored In NY

In honor of the beautiful Pam Grier, the Lincoln Center of New York will host a screening of all of her films on March 5-7..

Pam Grier is one of the most prolific black actresses to ever grace the silver screen. She reached stardom after playing lead roles in numerous Blaxploitation films of the 1970’s. She was also one of the first black sεx symbols as well as an early example of a strong woman holding a prominent role in films right at the peak of the women’s rights movement.

Her illustrious career is filled with many achievements and accomplishments, she deserves all of recognition and acclaim she receives and more. The Film Society of Lincoln Center is hosting an event entitled Foxy: The Complete Pam Grier. The event will be held from March 15-17 at the Lincoln Center of New York, where all of Grier’s films will be screened. Grier will also be there in person at the screenings for some of her most popular films. This is an excellent way to celebrate Grier and her talents, as well as a great way to introduce a new audience to her films and give those that are already fans a chance to enjoy the films in a theater setting.


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