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Supporters of Chris Dorner Show Their Support In Front of LAPD Headquarters

Dorner supportersBy Darron Smith

In Los Angeles, dozens of pro-Dorner supporters rallied outside of the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters on Saturday in support of the ex-LAPD officer and suspected cop killer. This protest comes after a shootout between Dorner and police that ended in a massive house fire earlier this month at a mountain cabin in Big Bear, California.

Protestors told the Los Angeles Times at the Saturday rally that they did not support Dorner’s deadly scheme in the killing of four innocent people, but objected to racism, police corruption and brutality believed to be Dorner’s motive that led to the rampage in the first place. Since Dorner’s death, at least two more police officers have come out with similar allegations about their own experiences with racism and mistreatment in the police department. Michael Nam, 30, held a sign with a flaming tombstone and the inscription “RIP Habeas Corpus.” Nam, further stated it was “pretty obvious” police had no intention of bringing Dorner in alive. Other protestors in attendance said they were angered by the conduct of the massive manhunt that led to Dorner’s death and injuries to innocent bystanders who were mistaken for him. The supporters believe that the LAPD is in need of serious reform of its institutional practices and a thorough review of its policies.

Christopher Dorner’s autopsy alleges  that he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, which brought an end to the stand off, but inspired a burgeoning subculture of followers. While most don’t condone killing, they see him as an outlaw hero who raged against the machine, and some still even question whether he really died.

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