Alec Baldwin’s Racial Slurs Against Photographer Being Investigated As Hate Crime

alec220Actor Alec Baldwin is in hot water for his altercation with a New York Post photographer. The NYPD hate crime task force has taken charge of the investigation. Baldwin is being accused of using excessive force, when a reporter tried to get his comments, in regard to his wife being sued for negligent yoga practices.

Baldwin allegedly manhandled the reporter and then shouted racial slurs at the African American photographer, calling him, a “coon”, “ crack head” and drug dealer” . The two , Tara Palmeri and G.N. Miller, claim that Baldwin said, “I want you to choke to death”, before going into a rant.

According to The New York Post, Palmeri has the entire incident recorded. Baldwin has denied the allegations. Many celebrities, including 30 Rock co-star ,Tracy Morgan, feel that Baldwin should apologize for his actions.  Wendy Williams expressed that maybe the 30 Rock star should seek anger  management help or move to a more secluded environment like New Jersey, to avoid – ins with the media.

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  1. Du travail d orfevre, merci pour le plaisir.

  2. Thats his real self coming out.It is knitted into his being.

  3. I’m not seeing the hate crime of this but he ought to be called out for this lie if it’s on tape. I really don’t care if he apologizes or not. If he has no respect for black people making him give some lame azz apology doesn’t mean much. Baldwin will probably give the same excuse as other whites by pointing a finger at these black modern day Stepin Fetchit rappers, comedians and black actors who sell racial slurs for profit. The only issue I have with this is that so call white liberals like Alec Baldwin feel they should be given a free pass when it comes to racism. The Hollywood film and TV industry is monopolized by white liberals/Jews who spew racist propaganda about blacks daily but are never held accountable for it because of that liberal label.

  4. Wendy Williams is the last person that should be giving advice. She has set the race back 100 yrs with that ignorant rag she calls a talk show. Her quote talk show is no better than that gossip radio show she had years ago. She’s an embarrassment. It goes to show they only take us serious when dumb ourselves down.
    I’m know Baldwin needs anger management but what did he say that elevated it to a hate crime? Are you serious?