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Black Nurse Sues After Hospital Honors Father’s Request to Have Baby Cared For by Only White Nurses

A black nurse has filed suit after she says the hospital she works for honored a request by a white father to allow only white nurses to white newbornmanage the care of his newborn. Nurse Tonya Battle says the racial note indicating the father’s wishes was posted in the nursery. A note which read “No African Americans to take care of baby” was attached the assignment clipboard.

Battle works in the neonatal intensive care unit of a Michigan hospital, and says she was reassigned after the white dad made his wishes known. The lawsuit maintains that Battles’ 14th Amendment rights were violated by the Flint hospital.

The Inquisitr reports:

Although the no African American nurses sign was ultimately removed, Battle claims that she and other African American staffers were prevented from caring for the child for about a month. Statements in the lawsuit maintain that the baby’s dad rolled up his sleeve and revealed a tattoo. The dad’s tattoo alleged appeared to be a “swastika of some kind.”

Battle’s attorney says that her client’s problem is that her employer upheld the father’s bias.

“I don’t doubt that people have made requests like this in the past. You’re not going to control the prejudices and biases of people. That’s not my client’s issue. The problem she has is that her employer of 25 years granted the request.”


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