Rapper Eve Fails At Denying That She Spread Nasty Rumor About Britney Spears

eve218TMZ caught up with rapper, Eve  after she claimed that Britney Spears was not really singing on her single with Will.i.am.  Eve was a guest on “ Watch What Happens Live” , on Bravo. Britney’s reps called B.S. on Eve’s claim.

Now Eve is trying to deny that she said anything all together, while on the show. Only problem with that is the fact that her claims were videotaped for the show. A photographer caught up with Eve, on a DC street. Eve’s claims seem to be the total opposite of what she said on the show.

Eve told the photographer, “I didn’t say anything about her singing. I said something about her British accent. We know it’s Britney Spears singing the song. I never said anything.”TMZ actually listened to the song, to shed some light on the whole singing thing. What they found was that the song was mostly auto tuned and that Britney may have sang for only a few seconds.


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