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Lil Wayne’s Community Skate Park Not Fairing Well In The 9th Ward

lil wayny218Aside from disappointing his elders with insensitive remarks, Lil Wayne has tried to help out his 9th Ward community, in New Orleans. But his skate park project has hit a road bump. The building that the park is  in failed to pass a city inspection and had to be rewired. Then the park did not have enough insurance coverage. Anxious to get the project done , the manager of the facility, Ward “Mack “ McLendon says, “We really put the cart before the horse on this project, and right now we’re at a crossroads.”

Lil Wayne has been by the facility to hang out with the kids. The facility is supposed to be open seven days a week, but staffing has been a major thorn. The project’s corporate partners, Mountain Dew and Glu Agency, are working hard to establish a full staff.

Glu Agency spokeswoman, Miatta David says, “Everyone involved in this project is committed to ensuring the park is available to our community members year round. As such, we will soon be shifting from a volunteer to a full-time based staff.”

Most of the 9th Ward was completely wiped out during Hurricane Katrina and the community is continuing to rebuild as much as they can.



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