Mary J. Blige Allegedly In Financial Ruin, Now Owes Millions To Debtors

Maryj217 R & B royalty, Mary J. Blige, is not seeing any relief these days. TMZ reported last month that the singer was hit with a lawsuit for defaulting on a $500k bank loan. Now the singer owes over $900,000 in back taxes. TMZ has obtained official documents that claim Blige owes The State of New Jersey approximately $901,769.65 in back taxes.

This only adds to the ever mounting pile of debt that Blige has accrued in the past two years. Last year it was reported that Blige was sued for allegedly defaulting on a $ 2.2 million dollar bank loan. Her charity was sued for not making good on a $ 250k loan. Blige blamed that on not having the right people behind her.

Hopefully the money that she has received for her portrayal of Betty Shabazz, opposite Angela Bassett, will help her solve some of her money issues. Looks like it’s time for Blige to hire new accountants, get back in the studio, and hit the road to make that money.

Blige has not commented on the matter.



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  1. Here is a thought, if a black person had 100 million dollars, would they be able to keep it in America without dealing with a white person?

  2. Poor baby; I hope she can find someone she can TRUST to help her with her finances and get her out of this mess. I’m rooting for you sweetheart.

  3. Its so sad to see that Mary J. is being taken advantage of, because she has come a very long way in her life and I am praying that GOD will direct her back to her spiritual Mind and find some people that are really in her life, because they care about her not how much money they can make off her and her career… Hanging out with Angela B. for that time while making the movie should have been a blessing for her, because Angenla is a True manhattan Girl… Peace & Blessings!!!

  4. Every person with lots of money shoulld set aside money for tax liabilities first and then make secuure investments to return a cash flow to support their life styler. After that invest in stable equities for long term gains. Make sure the cpa ‘s & atty’s sign ethical agreement back by error and ommissions ins security bonding. Those steps should help.

  5. The money that she probably made will not be enough to solve any money problems,this was a television movie not a major Hollywood film.It amazes me how people can seeminly have it all just to loose it all I just hope that Mary didn’t drift back into drug use because if you have had a drug problem in the past and now you have plenty of money you can easily be tempted too use it again so I wish her the best.

  6. I hate to see anyone in pain from debt. Pray she gets back on her feet give honor to the Lord and start paying tithes

  7. I hate to see anyone in pain from debt. Pray she gets back on her feet give honor to the Lord and start paying tithes