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Mary J. Blige Allegedly In Financial Ruin, Now Owes Millions To Debtors

Maryj217 R & B royalty, Mary J. Blige, is not seeing any relief these days. TMZ reported last month that the singer was hit with a lawsuit for defaulting on a $500k bank loan. Now the singer owes over $900,000 in back taxes. TMZ has obtained official documents that claim Blige owes The State of New Jersey approximately $901,769.65 in back taxes.

This only adds to the ever mounting pile of debt that Blige has accrued in the past two years. Last year it was reported that Blige was sued for allegedly defaulting on a $ 2.2 million dollar bank loan. Her charity was sued for not making good on a $ 250k loan. Blige blamed that on not having the right people behind her.

Hopefully the money that she has received for her portrayal of Betty Shabazz, opposite Angela Bassett, will help her solve some of her money issues. Looks like it’s time for Blige to hire new accountants, get back in the studio, and hit the road to make that money.

Blige has not commented on the matter.



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