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Employee Of The Deli That Violated Forest Whitaker’s Civil Rights Speaks Out

forest217An employee at New York City’s , Milano Market, has told the news that the employee who accused Forest Whitaker of stealing was overzealous and made a harmeless mistake. The employee explains that ,“it was around lunch time and the store was packed.” However a witness, who was in the store told The Daily news that the employee was very aggressive with Mr. Whitaker.

The witness says that, “He was quiet at first, I think in shock.” “When they didn’t find anything, they told him to leave at which point he said, “No, I want to speak with someone. You can’t just touch me like this.” Everyone in the store was quiet and in shock.” Mr. Whitaker was in town filming The Black Nativity, when he decided to go to the store to get a yogurt.

Mr. Whitaker’s driver, Reggie Crupe told The New York Post  that after the incident, another employee came out to apologize to Mr. Whitaker.  Crupe said, “He told Mr. Whitaker that the cameras in the store were at a bad angle and that he could not see if Forest had stolen anything.” The eye-witness, who is a regular at the deli, does not believe that it was a simple mistake, but rather a case of discrimination.  The witness says that it has happened before. Another customer told The New York Post   that the deli did not want to serve him coffee. Terrell Williams says, “They didn’t want to serve me coffee. They claimed they didn’t have any. Then I saw a white man come out with a big cup of coffee.”  The owners of the deli have not commented on the incident.


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