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Dr. Boyce: 10 Honest, Borderline Embarrassing Thoughts about the Life and Death of Christopher Dorner


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Like the rest of the country, I found myself curious about the unfortunate events involving late Christopher Dorner.  He was, like myself, an angry black man.  He also appeared to have a good reason to be angry, since the LAPD is one of the most notoriously racist and abusive police departments in the country.   But the way Chris expressed his anger was a bit unconventional, turning him into one of the most wanted human beings in American history.

Here are a set of honest thoughts I had about Dorner, as I watched this law-abiding patriot transformed into an alleged danger and menace to society.

1)      Was the LAPD trying to kill him?  First, there was the incident during which a 71-year old woman found her truck (and herself) riddled with bullets by overzealous LAPD officers who didn’t seem to want to give her a chance to surrender.  I’m sure that if they’d stopped the old woman and asked her to “come out with your hands up,” she wouldn’t have given them much resistance.  Then, of course, there was the cabin that the LAPD “accidentally” burned down with Dorner inside it.  My question is: Why were they so quick to go for the kill?  The convenient reality here is that dead men don’t talk.

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