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Former LAPD Officer Says He Not Only Believes Chris Dorner’s Story – He Lived It

Former LAPD officer  Brian Bentley says although he doesn’t condone the actions of Chris Dorner, he certainly understands Dorner’s BrianBentley2rage.

Bentley, who is now an author,  says he had been expecting a black officer to snap for quite some time.

“It took longer than I thought it would for something like this to happen” said Bentley.

Bentley says that when he was on the force, there were actually pictures posted of officers who had been terminated, who were thought of as being a threat.

“When the Department terminated you, they intentionally tried to ruin your life,” Bentley explains.  “That’s how they discredited you.  Dorner isn’t the first ex-police officer to have a manifesto or some sort of hit list.”

Bentley was an LAPD officer for 10 years, and was one of the officers charged with guarding O.J. Simpson’s house during the football star’s murder trial.

Bentley says that when he left the LAPD, he had a manifesto of his own, one which included a list of people who had wronged him while on the force. Unlike Dorner though, the names in Bentley’s manifesto weren’t intended as a kill list.

According to Bentley, the LAPD was looking to hire more minorities and professional people when he joined the force back in 1989. So Bentley, a California State University graduate, was a good match for the LAPD.

“I signed up because I wanted to make a difference in my community—I wanted to change lives,” he says.

Even to this day, Bentley says he can’t believe what he was told during his first day on the job as an LAPD officer.

“I was told that ‘we don’t want people like you here. We have people like you in Nickerson Gardens’.”

Bentley continued, saying,  “It was horrible for me from day one.  I had people pushing me to quit and resign.  It was always a fight.”


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