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Anti-Obama Loony Ted Nugent Literally Pooped His Pants to Keep from Being Drafted


The bigger they talk, the weaker they usually are.  Ted Nugent is known for being the biggest anti-Obama voice of the Right Wing.  He is also considered somewhat racist for attacking the president in a really nasty way.  Nugent has even gone as far as stating that he’d like to see President Obama gone…for good…sent to the afterlife.  His words are borderline treasonous, but the racists of America identify with him, which keeps him on the stage.

But check this out.  Nugent is not only full of c**p, but he let some of that c**p out in his pants and in a cup in order to avoid having to go fight for his country.  So, the man who loves to talk big about what he would do if someone came to take his guns is really the country music equivalent to a studio gangster – for those who don’t know, a “studio gangster” is a hi-hop term for someone who talks in public about a life that they would never actually have the courage to try to live.  Nugent is the ultimate Vanilla Ice.

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