Is Chris Dorner Really Dead? Police Find Charred Body In Rubble

A charred human body was found in the cabin where officials believed Chris Dorner had barricaded himself. An autopsy to confirm the identity of the body is pending.

The intense standoff between police and a man suspected of being Chris Dorner that killed one officer and wounded another is still one of mystery. Officials are saying a charred human body that is believed to be Chris Dorner was found in the rubble of the cabin where the former LAPD officer was believed to be barricaded. They also discovered personal belongings such as a wallet and a California driver’s license with Dorner’s name on it. Although reports of who actually set the cabin ablaze are conflicting, many suspect authorities set the cabin on fire to protect themselves from any potential of additional deadly encounters.

“Investigators have located charred human remains within the debris of the burned out cabin,” a San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department press release said. “Identification will be attempted through forensic means.” Reports of Dorner’s death were conflicting earlier Tuesday evening, as the LAPD and San Bernardino sheriffs confirmed that a body had not been recovered from the cabin, countering earlier reports.

The dramatic ending began around 12:20 p.m. after a victim called 911 saying a man believed to be Dorner had held them hostage and stolen their car. The victim is one of two housekeepers that Dorner allegedly detained as they were cleaning a cabin. One victim was able to get away and make the call to emergency responders. Police say the women did not require medical attention and were not hospitalized. After a chase with authorities, Dorner was believed to have barricaded himself in a cabin, where officials claim to have heard a single gun shot inside the cabin, followed by more sounds of gunfire, which authorities said could have been ammunition exploding after the cabin was set on fire.

Do you believe Chris Dorner is dead?

Maria Lloyd (@WritingsByMaria) is the Business Manager for the Your Black World Network and Dr. Boyce Watkins. She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and an advocate of dismantling the prison industrial complex, increasing entrepreneurship, reforming education, and eradicating poverty. 


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  1. This is not CSI!

    It’s real, you don’t have to understand how or why something has happened or why they found something at the seen.

    The man is dead, we all knew it was going to end this way, now everyone want to know why they had to kill him..

    Do the same to some of the thugs in your city, Chicago, and just perhaps you will cut the number of murders you have each year!

    • Do the same to the thugs in chicago? You can come here and tell the thugs personally to their face, what you think about them joe.

  2. What I am not getting is why would he allow the tied up people escape. Why didn’t he kill them to prevent anybody recognizing him or calling 911. They kill me with finding driver license and passports etc, as these killers would leave a trail.

  3. What doesn’t make sense to me is finding a charred body and yet the driver’s license survived the fire.????

  4. What I don’t understand is, if they found a charred body in the rubble, how did the driver’s license survive the file.???????

    • First, they reported finding his wallet and ID at a location where he supposedly wanted a boat, now it’s in the “charred” cabin? These sob’s set the fire because there was a possibility for him to testify before a Federal Grand jury for police misconduct and possibly murder of citizens by accidental shootings when the officer “thought” he had his taser in his hand. The truth will never and the media will not dig for the facts in his manifesto because their CEO’s are just as crooked as the police. They set the cabin ablaze like the Branch Dravidians and the MOVE peoples in Philadelphia, PA. and no one was brought to bare responsibility for either willful murders. They pushed the officer to his tolerance limits and as in any war, unfortunately there will be collateral damage.

  5. “A true revolutionary? Truth. justice and democracy? Are you kidding me? Those innocent people who had nothing to do with his paranoid ass received no truth, justice or democracy? He was lowlife coward who wouldn’t stand face to face with his opponents. And he certainly was no brother of mine.

  6. I hope it’s him. Scoop up the ashes.

    • Now when he fought in the military and killed innocent people, this was ok. But when american law say he killed innocent people, you got a problem with that.
      The real problem is joe”s like you. You see right and wrong from the eyes of America. You must be a cop or related to one.
      Maybe they have to burn your body in cabin to wake ur sorry coward ass up.
      Do me a favor, follow the yellow brick road and beg the wizard for a back bone

  7. This was a true revoluionary ,may he rest in Dorner knew he would die ,but as a strong human being that was about truth ,justice, and democracy he did what he felt he had to do.his soul will certainly go to the heaven’s.I know that it is wrong to take innocent life,but has anyone thought for a minute about all of the countless thousand’s of innocent BLACK people that have died at the hand’s of some RACIST cop who in most cases became a police officer in the first place to only kill so called NIGGERS!notice how the media continue’s to side step the issue of institutional RACISM while reporting brother Dorner’s story.

  8. I was taught growing up that 2 wrongs don’t make a right.What Chris perceived and/or concluded to be his problem was not handled by him appropriately.Innocent people lost their lives and we can not ignore that.However,the reports of what took place at the cabin just don’t add up.If as reported there was a single gunshot heard and chris did actually kill himself,how did the fire initiate?lets not forget that a 71 year old woman and her companion had their vehicle shot up as authorities belived it to be the vehicle he was in.I counted 23 holes from the photo.Bottom line is that there was no attempt by law enforcement to try and take him in to custody apart from deadly force if he had been in the vehicle.How that fire started is critical.Remember the Branch Davidians?

  9. These days we have some very crooked people on the police force in all major cities all over America. I thought they were here to protect us, they are not! What a disappointment for me when I discovered that sad bit of truth first hand. Our police nor justice system is interested in the TRUTH only how many people they can incarcerate, detain, collect money from or punish; this is the beginning of the end of America honest society, not that it was well established in the first place. After all remember America was founded by theives, liars, robbers,murderers and bandits. We are what our fore fathers are; what do you expect? The nut never falls far from the tree. I am sorry that Chris has become another fatality of American so call justice for the African American Man. So very sad…..

  10. He is dead. End of Story. I am going to work now.

    Good day !

  11. At first they said a HOSTAGE was held in the cabin with him….now their only concern is whether or not he’s dead. No confirmation of whether anyone was in the cabin and perished in the fire. Also, I hope the authorities did NOT set that cabin on fire, regardless of what he was doing, they should have found a way to get him out of there, not KILLING him without a trial. The people we have wearing uniforms these days.

    • Like you, I also heard a hostage was in the cabin. So many conflicting stories. Now I am hearing they found his wallet in the burned house, on a boat in or near Mexico. Personally, I hope he is alive. I want to hear his story. And, Yes, they know how the house caught fire and why. Simply said, “Dead men don’t talk.” If you are out there, I would like to hear your story. No, I am not going to say RIP, until I know for sure. Something tells me this is not over.

  12. Hell yeah, it’s him. Who in the hell else you think it is? Boy, do we be coming up with some conspiracies.