Singer Adele Gives Chris Brown A Thrashing After He Snubs Frank Ocean’s Win At Grammys

AdeleBrownFrank Ocean wins and Chris Brown snubs. That has been the latest reported news in the Frank Ocean and Chris Brown feud. But now there are reports’ saying that because of Chris Brown’s choosing the option not to stand, a famous singing Brit disapproved and told him so. Adele allegedly ripped into Chris Brown after she caught a glance of Brown not standing to congratulate Frank Ocean at the Grammys.

Again, I say, why should he? Don’t be fake. Be who you are. But the telling off by Adele is alleged. According to reports, Adele appeared to be annoyed by Brown’s actions.  The Daily Mail is reporting that, once Ocean finished his acceptance speech, Adele went over to Brown to tell him off. Adele apparently called Brown a spoiled brat for his lack of respect for Ocean.

There has been no source that has come forth to say whether the two pictured were having a spat or if Adele was simply passionately talking to the singer about another matter. Later in the evening, the pair was seen posing together, for cameras. Chris Brown and Frank Ocean were both up for Best Urban Contemporary Album.


Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.

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  2. It was a Love spat! she’s sweet on Chris just didn’t know how to approach him. & with that awful, hideous, supper colorful dress on she should have been sitting Quietly!! all nite. LOL “I’m just saying”

  3. This is not really a story. I don’t see what the big deal is. Frank, I don’t understand why you went off on Chris Brown. It is not like you know him personally. Instead of name calling why don’t you pray for this young man.

  4. Your Computer Newspaper (Freepress)

    Please don’t go off half cocked my friends. We weren’t there and as the article states, the two entertainers were seen together after the show. Let’s please not create a roaring fire where there isn’t even smoke. Remember the Christian way. Far too many of us think life is just a game. You say what you like, and get away with as much as you can. But my brothers and sisters, please know that there will come a day when each of us will be held accountable for every foolish things, we felt, did and said. Be Blessed. Arthur Jones..Editor

  5. Wait the freakin minute !

    Adele, go straight to hell on this one

    Ocean is over rated and Chris has a right to stand or sit when and if he wants.

    You can’t make somwone applaud when they don’t think it is necessary. Edward you’re one nonsense speaking person whose opinion is reak of pitiful pollution.
    F ‘ You

  6. Adele, you are wasting your time on a piece of GARBAGE. That is what CHRIS BROWN IS. Just a piece of GHETTO GARBAGE. He is not worht the attention you are giving him. Let the piece of GARBAGE STAY IN HIS GHETTO. As the saying goe. You can take someone out of the GHETTO, but you cant tyake the GHETTO out of them.
    Chirs Brown, and his kind should never be seen on nationaltelevision

  7. And why is this news ?