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Dr. Marc Lamont Hill: We Refuse to Hold Obama Accountable on Drones

by Yvette Carnell

On Monday night Bill O’Reilly asked Columbia University professor Dr. Marc Lamont Hill whether liberals who sharply criticized marc lamont hillGeorge W. Bush over his administration’s waterboarding policy are being hypocritical for accepting drone strikes under President Obama.

Hill agreed with O’Reilly, saying that the left “doesn’t want to deal with”  drones, adding “I think the problem is we have convinced ourselves that Obama’s drones are somehow softer and kinder and gentler than Bush’s drones.” Hill then concluded, saying, “We refuse to hold President Obama accountable for drones the same way we would have under the Bush administration.”

Hill did make the additional point that there are hypocrisies which exist within both parties, but that wasn’t a point that Bill O’Reilly felt he needed to acknowledge.

“So basically you’re saying your crew is hypocritical on the issue?” O’Reilly snapped, clearly pleased that the liberal Hill had agreed to his premise.

Hill went on to explain how whenever he tries to hold Obama accountable on something like drones, he’s immediately told by Democrats to quiet down and focus on the big picture.

“People have convinced themselves that Obama is much more reasonable and dovish on war issues than he actually is and I don’t think it’s just strategy,” he said. “I think we are wrong.”


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