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Did Chris Dorner Flee to Mexico?

According to a federal court document, Chris Dorner was suspected of fleeing to Mexico last week..

The former LAPD cop who has remained at large for a week following three fatal shootings is suspected of fleeing to Mexico, according to a federal document. A criminal complaint filed in federal court on Feb. 7 charges Chris Dorner with fleeing to avoid prosecution. It states that there was reason to believe he had crossed the border to Mexico.

U.S. Marshals Service Inspector Craig McClusky wrote an affidavit included in the complaint the same day that the search for Dorner led to his burned truck in the mountain resort of Big Bear. McClusky recounted the Irvine Police Department’s request for assistance from the U.S. Marshal Service in finding Dorner after he became in the Feb. 3 killing of Keith Lawrence and Monica Quan, who is the daughter of an LAPD official that Dorner referenced in his manifesto.

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