Teacher Suspended For Pouring Pencil Sharpener Shavings Into 8th Grader’s Mouth

Teachers are put into the classroom to teach students and dispense discipline where necessary, but some teachers tend to take it too far. arlington-student-abuse-pencil-sharpenerCBS 11 News reports that a teacher poured pencil shavings into Marquis Jay’s  mouth while his head was turned back. The eighth grader, who attends Boles Jr. High School in Arlington, says he was sitting quietly in the classroom when a teacher decided to pour a large amount of pencil shavings down his throat.

“I was sitting in class with my head tilted back and opening my mouth,” says Jay. “Teacher came over and poured the pencil shavings in my mouth.”

The 13 year old says he spit out the shavings and headed to the nurse’s office to wash out his mouth.

His mother, Deidre Brown, says she was called after it happened and is still livid over the incident.

“I wanted to cry because it was like how could she do that,” says Brown. “What kind of message is it sending to the kids? She is supposed to be the teacher – the adult.”

Marquis says the teacher who poured the shavings in his mouth wasn’t his assigned teacher, just a teacher who dropped by his classroom to help his teacher.

The teacher was suspended, but Brown says she should’ve been fired.

“This incident is unacceptable and was immediately and fully investigated by the AISD when it occurred almost a month ago. The district took appropriate disciplinary action,” says Amy Casas, Director of Communications with Arlington ISD. “The school has been in constant communication with the student’s mother about this incident and other matters. At no time has mom expressed any concerns about the manner in which this situation was handled to the school or the district.”




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  3. I read the article a couple of times to see where it said this child was a thug being raised in a single parent home on welfare…wasnt there STOP generalizing! The bottom line is that this teacher should have handled this very different.

  4. Here we go again, not being told where Arlington is. I’m from NJ, and there is an Arlington in the northern part of NJ. There are other states that also have Arlingtons. Is it VA? I know of at least two towns named Selma. At first, I knew only about Selma, AL. Now I know of others. That’s why it is frustrating to read these articles.

  5. Having been a teacher for thirty years and a mother I see both sides of the situation. The teacher should have been dismissed from her position immediately. I cannot imagine a situation that called for such a inhumane remedy, nor can I imagine a student sitting quietly at his desk, head thrown back and mouth open that wide. There is a lot left unsaid in this story. Neither can I understand the mother’s delayed irate reaction .

    • Where is there mention of the mother having a delayed reaction?

      “This incident is unacceptable and was immediately and fully investigated by the AISD when it occurred almost a month ago.

  6. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!! What is this teachers name and where is her picture? This women is MENTALLY UNBALANCED and should not be in the presence of children. Is this the system my grandchildren have to look forward to? WE’VE GOT TO PRAY OVER OUR BABIES!!!!!

  7. After reading some of the comments posted on here, that demand that this teacher be fired, and arrested, I am now starting to understand why our children are growing up to be rotten, spoiled, disrespectful, and grossly under educated misfits. When I went to school, our teachers were allowed to discipline the students. The disciplines, included anything from having students stand in the corner, to whipping them with wooded paddles on their hands, or their behinds. The students, didn’t want to receive those punishments, so they usually didn’t misbehave to often. and if their parents later found out about their misbehavior, they’d get another ass whipping, when they got home. Today’s parents, don’t teach their kids proper behavior, and when a teacher, or another grown person intervenes, and check these little thugs behavior, their parents immediately want to fight the teacher, or sue them. This is why we have so many damn young people in prison today. They grew up in households, ran by stupid, ghetto ass parents, that is only concerned with having more illegitimate, un-educated, un-disciplined thugs, so that they can get more public assistance. Before any of you ignorant ass ghetto minded fools admonish this teacher, why don’t you find out why this little thug, had his head leaned backward, and his mouth wide open, and wasn’t paying attention to what was going on in the class? I am willing to bet any of you, that if you had to teach one of today’s young students, you’d want to do more than pour some harmless pencil shavings in their mouth. No, teachers should not be allowed to bring guns into schools, because with the poor quality of students that we have today, they’d be tempted to shoot one of these little thugs, every day.

    • I agree with your concerns about arming the teachers. But can you imagine the impact that it would have on discipline? Once the first 2 or 3 punks get blown away by a pissed-off teacher, the school would suddenly not have any more misfit punks. Homework would be done, kids would be sitting up in their chairs, and grades and graduation rates would both go WAY up. Ultimately, we would have better educated citizens, who in turn would more likely to be productive members of society (e.g., have a job instead of being welfare bums). The impact would be the greatest in the inner city, mostly black, public schools — places where there is already a grossly disportionate drop-out rate — and the typically poverty-stricken communities surrounding those schools.

      (For those ignoramuses reading this post, I am not advocating that teachers should shoot “bad” kids.)

    • What is wrong with you? You obviously do not have children. Yes teachers should discipline when a child is doing wrong and there parents should support them. However, pour pencils shavings in a child’s mount is not appropriate behavior from a teacher.

  8. Our Black children are being targeted by racist teachers who have no respect for them and merely see them as a menace to society! After reading about the seven year old boy that was taken from his school,carted off in a police cruiser and handcuffed and interrogated for six hours, I am not at all surprised to hear about the psychotic teacher filling a student’s mouth with pencil shavings! She is fortunate that the shavings didn’t go down his windpipe and asphyxiate the child. Nonetheless, if a student flipped the script and poured shavings down a teachers throat, the student would be expelled and criminal charges would be filed against the students. Parents must be very vigilant nowadays when sending their kids to school.

  9. Can you imagine what would happen if they gave these clowns guns to carry. I don’t know the whole story but the facts speak for themselves even had the child been running his mouth after being told to be quiet, she should not have done this, I guess it goes back to that old saying about teachers, “those that can do, and those that can’t teach.”
    Today, we have a lot in the classroom that “can’t.”

  10. Take the kids out in the hallway and beat there ass with a paddle like the old days!!

  11. But they want to put teachers with guns in school

  12. TThe teacher need to be let go for good!!!!!

  13. Yes, this teachet needs to be fired, sued and have pencil sharpner shavings poured down her mouth a couple of times a day for a month or longer and then let’s see what she thinks of her tactic. That was outright mean spirited and an indication that she probably shouldn’t even be dealing with children. She probably doesn’t even like children. And, for the school spoke’s person, Amy Casas, who’s feels that the mother/parent has to specify or state a certain corrective action before it’s considered. I wonder if it had been her or her child whose mouth the teacher poured the shavings downd would she feel the same way? No and would probably expect the teacher to lose her job and nothing less whether it was mentioned in her compliant or not but the standard templated jargon is okay when it’s someone else or their child. That’s exactly the type of person that we need handling matters such as this.

  14. The teacher needs a black woman’s version of the Rodney King a$$ beat down. I have a 10,000,000 volt stun gun I can loan her.