Christopher Dorner: L.A Puts Up $1 Million Reward For the Former Marine

ChrisDornerBy Staff Blogger

The LAPD and FBI are still on the hunt for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner. Dorner is a suspect in three murders that took place last week. His Nissan Titan was found, burned to a crisp, near Big Bear Lake on Thursday. The search has continued on through the weekend.

Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, said this would not be tolerated anymore. He said they would not tolerate this man to still be at large, threatening the people of the city of Los Angeles. A $1 million reward was posted, on Sunday, in an effort to help escalate efforts towards Dorner’s capture. The money was raised by local businesses, private donors, and community groups. It is the largest reward ever offered by the LAPD.

Dorner stands at 6 feet tall, weighs 270 pounds, and is a former Marine. He was fired from the LAPD force in, 2009, after he brought allegations against a fellow officer, saying he kicked a mentally ill man in 2007, for no reason. An investigation followed and Dorner was fired when the investigators said these were false accusations.

Dorner wrote a manifesto before the killings started. In the manifesto, there were accusations of corruption and racism, saying that these were key factors in his firing. He stated that the killings of LAPD officers and their families would continue until his name was cleared. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said that this was a case of domestic terrorism. The LAPD however is currently investigating Dorner’s firing and the accusations he made back in 2007.

The LAPD is currently guarding 50 families from attacks as many had been named in the manifesto. Border patrol has been searching every car that crosses through the Mexican border as Dorner’s ID and personal belongs were found right near the border into Mexico. Monica Quan was one of the victims that was k!lled. Her father said that someone identifying themselves as Dorner called him and taunted him, however they do not believe it was Dorner as the call was made from Vancouver, Washington and didn’t fit with sightings of Dorner.

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  4. they raised $1 million dollars huh? the guilty ones are the ones who are in fear and needs protection. he is should be all the dirty cops

  5. As the Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, has to support his police department, but there is no way he believe’s what the Police chief is telling him, about this manhunt. Any kid who lived in East LA, attended Roosevelt HS and EAST Los Angeles Community College, even if he personally didn’t encounter it, he has to know of numerous accounts of misconduct of the LAPD towards it’s non-white citizens. Protecting 30 families and offering 1 million dollars reward is just setting the stage for the eventual killing of Chris Dormer.

  6. Jus-Us

    America, the so called
    Beautiful,land of the free
    Has never had justice for
    All that included me.


  7. If he was next door to me that is 1 Million I would NOT have access to! They just slimey ass white folks whose guilt caught up with them and this is only going to be the beginning of a new trend for the rest of the nations bigots dirt to come out on them and all they have done to us. WATCH N SEE! Pennsylvania is Next! Watch, wait and see!