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Chris Brown Snuggles With Rihanna During Grammys No Repeat of 2009

Chris Brown and Rihanna It was a very somber night for Chris Brown, at the Grammys. After allegations that he lied about doing community service last week, and a car accident this week, Brown appeared more humble, seated at the Grammys. As he observed the show, the camera would often pan back to the troubled singer to catch his reactions.

When watching his on again, off again girlfriend, Rihanna , perform, Brown seemed very reserved, standing and slightly clapping at the end. If you hadn’t a sure indication before that the two were on the up and up, their appearance together, at the Grammys, put the icing on the cake. Although the two did not enter the Staples Center together, they were seen later cuddling and smiling.

Rihanna recently stood by her man, as he faced a judge, to defend himself against the fake community service allegations. Over the weekend Brown was on his way to judge a dancing competition, when he was involved in a car accident allegedly caused by the paparazzi, who were in pursuit of him. Brown plans to sue.

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