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Women Entrepreneurs: Group Funds Female-run Small Businesses

ASTIA_logoWhen you think of angels, you think of  men and women dressed all in white with giant wings and a halo. However, when you are a small business, an angel could be someone (or a group of people) who provides funding to your business to help it grow into a large company.

There is a new group called Astia Angels. They are focusing on funding female-run small businesses. Surprisingly only 12% of angels focused on female-run businesses in 2011. A study done by Dow Jones shows that companies that have a large majority of females as executives and managers do better than companies that have a majority of males.

Women are still having a tough time proving themselves in the tech world. They are not the stereotypical tech “geek” which is often pictured as a nerdy guy who is straight out of an ivy-league college.

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