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Erika Morant: Don’t Make an Engagement Ring Decision You’ll Regret



by Erika Morant

After reading an article published by MSN Living, entitled, “What Does Your Engagement Ring Say about You?” It really made me think about what thoughts precede engagement ring purchases. While the personality, style and fashion sense may largely govern the selections of most individuals, I believe one should also consider the following prior to the start of his/her big ticket purchase:

  1. Budget: One should ask him/herself if what he/she is willing to spend is the same as what he/she can afford. Are you really willing to pay for that engagement ring for the rest of your life?


  1. A Legacy or a New Trend: Weigh the benefits of requesting great-grandma’s engagement ring from the 1920’s or crafting a new legacy with a ring purchase. Consider your significant other’s values. Would he or she appreciate the sentiment?


  1. One-of-a-Kind: It’s your chance to become the artist, at least in your bride or groom’s eyes. Do you know your bride or groom-to-be well enough to craft a one-of a-kind piece? Consult your local jeweler to determine your customization options.


  1. Consider the non-traditional:  Newsflash, diamonds are not the only gemstones. Consider incorporating birthstones as a unique touch to the overall design.

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