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U. New Mexico Football Coach Denies Allegations of Racism


The football coach at The University of New Mexico is dismissing a set of damning allegations claiming that he treats white players better than black ones. Coach Bob Davie says that the accusations are “unfounded and untrue.”

The coach received an open letter that was also distributed to the media, stating that he gives white players preferences over black ones.  For example, the author says that white players are not punished for smoking marijuana, while black players are.   It also says that his penalties against black players are often harsher than the ones given out to white ones.

Lobos athletic director Paul Krebs says that after reviewing the letter and speaking with Davie, he’s decided that the allegations are untrue.  So, that must be all that it takes – talking to the coach and letting him tell you that he’s innocent.  Maybe a deeper investigation is called for. 

Davie is a former coach at Notre Dame and was known as a great defensive coordinator.   The allegations against him may hurt his recruiting efforts, since many of the best athletes being sought after by coaches are African American.  The population of the state of New Mexico is only 2.55 percent African American and the governor of the state, Susana Martinez, has been heavily criticized as being unresponsive and disrespectful to the African American community. 

Maybe the best players should consider going elsewhere, since both Martinez and Davie are pretty quick to dismiss allegations of racism without seeing if the accuser has a point.  This might not be the best state for black people.

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