Trey Coleman: Are Black People Too Loyal to the Democrats?

dem-repubby Trey Coleman
I recently wrote a blog titled “Confessions of a Black Republican” and I was called everything but a child of God, lol. It made me even more determined to keep blogging about Blacks and our political affiliation. I’m a Republican, and before anyone loses their mind and gets emotional, I’m no “Uncle Tom.”  I chose the republican party because I believe in capitalism, doing for self, and small government.  I understand the plight of the black race, at the same time I understand economics and the need for black representation in both major parties.
I was listening to the “Open Line” on WBLS in New York and Mtume, one of the moderators on the show stated that blacks should have representation in both major parties.  Now, anyone that listens to the open line knows that Mtume was a staunch democratic supporter.  I feel that having black representation in all parties gives us leverage and a seat at the table where candidates have to come to the table with a black agenda.  Right now, they don’t have to come with an agenda for us because we give our votes away at a disproportionate number.  Blacks have an allegiance to the democratic party and we have been their most reliable supporters of the last 50 years.  What have they given to Blacks in return?
We condemn blacks that are republicans yet we continue to support democrats and have nothing to show for it. According to, since 1972, blacks have voted 82-95% democratic.  For a short time after the Civil War, most blacks considered themselves Republicans, because it was started by abolitionists and it was the party of President Lincoln.
In an interview with David Gregory on Meet the Press, NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, admitted that Blacks are doing worse under the Obama administration. He said, “President Obama’s job numbers are not helpful and that African-Americans are below where they were before he took office.” The black unemployment rate was 12.7 percent when Mr. Obama took office. While the unemployment rate in the U.S. as a whole is below 8 percent.
There is no reason for President Obama to assist us when we gave him our vote without accountability.
I’m blogging to get the conversation started for our next Presidential election four years from now.  We need to start putting our agenda together NOW!  You may not agree with me but we can agree to disagree, respectfully of course.
My name is Trey Coleman.  I’m blogging to give some insight on politics, music and entertainment. I’m a Republican. I believe in a capitalistic society and the separation of church and state.  Check out my website

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  1. I do feel that we as a people have become to comfrontable with the democratic party ,our expectations are to low and we are getting very little and asking the same.

  2. I can’t speak for all black people, obviously, but as a young black female the Republicans have little to offer me and I’m tired of their lower taxes and cut spending and trickle down rhetoric. None of that sh*t has or ever will work. Not to mention their conservative social agenda. At least the Democrats are progressive. They’re not perfect, but until a viable third party option comes along I HAVE to vote Democratic. Throwing my vote away on fringe candidates who will never when or crazy Republicans just isn’t an option.

  3. It’s not a question of being too loyal. It’s the lesser of the two evils. It’s always has been. I’m sick of hearing, from black Republicans, about what the Democrats haven’t done for us. Blacks know what they need to survive. They vote their interest. They also know what the Republican party hasn’t done for us, not to mention what it tried to do to us – keep us from voting. It’s understood why most black Americans vote for democrats. And It’s not just blacks,either. Republicans don’t represent the best intested of their policies. America knows it. Latinos voted for Obama (democratic party) over 70%. Asians voted higher than that. In fact South Asians (Indians) voted for Obama (democratic party) at a rate to 84%. What does that tell you? Republicans are not representive of the American people. They’re out of touch. Their policies showed that and NO black republican as said anything to counter that. Supporting the democratic party is not a matter of being too loyal. It’s a matter of common sense.

  4. Agree or disagree this is the way I see it.
    African-Americans reasons for choosing the Republican Party are quite different from those of White Americans. With African-Americans it’s a combination of formal education, ego,success and feelings of inferiority. With White Americans it’s a combination of success,racism and feelings of superiority. I think most African-Americans start out with a Democratic mindset and evolve into Republicans/Conservatives when they reach certain stages or milestones in life. These African-Americans inherently feel inferior to Whites; mostly at the subconscious level so with a formal education, success and ego they take on the characteristics that they feel are consistent with those of White people. In their desire to distance themselves from the mainstream African-American they look for acceptance from those they consider their perceived equals. The truth is that most African-Americans and White people are independents when it comes to political ideologies. The Republican Party is perceived as the party of the affluent and the Democratic Party is perceived as the Party of the middle and lower class. Most White people are Republicans because they consciously and subconsciously feel it puts distance between them and African-Americans.

    • James A. I agree with you 100%.I know many people like you described in your comments. I honestly find it sad and an example, in some cases of self-hate. I don’t buy into the namecalling of those who might not agree with me, not just in politics. Everyone is entitled to think, vote and express their feelings. While I may not agree with everything he wrote, I respect his right to express his opinion.

  5. My question to all of my brothers and sisters is why do we have to support one or the other? I f we quit worrying about our vote not counting by voting for a third party candidate we would definitely have someone that gives a damn about us as a whole. For the last three elections we have been voting for the person who we think would do the least amount of damage.

    The powers to be figured that we are getting tired of the BS candidates so they put a blackman(?) as a choice knowing that we would vote for him without questions or promises. To solidify that we did vote for him the republicans nominated the worst possible candidate so that we would not vote for him. They did the same thing with McCain (intially a decent person) but teamed him up with an unqualified fool in Palin. Why was that? Because they did not want him to win in the first place.

    We have been duped into believing in these preselected candidates who have and will not help us anyway. The republicans don’t care and use the few blacks that they have (who is the most powerful black republican?)and discard them when they are no longer needed. The Democrats just take our votes for granted.
    It is apparent that the democrats are not going to do anything worthly of our votes, so we should start looking for another third party candidate now for the 2016 elections as well as senators and congressmen/women that have our best interest in mind.

  6. On your way to heaven, you notice very few black folks in hell. Your taught pattern tell you I better go to that place so we can have enough black folks at the table. Blacks voted republican until 1936,when the majority of northern black, voted for F D R southern blacks could not vote. You believe in capitalist,and small gov-ment yet you ask Obama to help black folk, which is it small or big. In the last 30 yrs 20 million jobs have have been out source oversees, your capitalism at work. George Bush,and Obama have no JOBS, but their staffs. If you can be in a political party that have room for David Duke good for you. BECAUSE YOUR ARE SPECIAL KIND OF BLACK MAN,

  7. I want to say I support this man in his plight. This past election year I voted for no one because the parties nor the candidates represented me. However, I realized that either we collectively pursue economic freedom or we will collectively die out trying to be loyal to and accepted by a stagnant liberal democratic party. God bless you and the courage to stand up for your unpopular belief!

  8. This is a great article Trey and I agree with you. However, I read your original article and I was disappointed in some of the points you attempted to make in your first post. Whenever I read something regarding “handouts” and other stereotypical lingo used against individuals who are supporters of the Democratic Party, I basically turn a blind eye away from whatever else you may have to say. I already know the direction of the article. I am open to conversation on politics because it is a vast, intriguing topic that affects the lives of all Americans in this country and around the world. If you are going to do future posts on the Confessions of a Black Republican, please do so without all the nonsense and talking points one can find on a conservative/liberal blogsite or cable news network. It’s one of the reasons why I am turned off from anything political nowadays because the realm of politics has become nothing more but a circus of clowns hurling vile attacks at other politicans, disrespect at the President, or maligning a segment of the American population who don’t fit the WASP portrait. Enough is enough. You seem to be intelligent and I suggest you use your intelligence to write unbiased and objective posts corroborated with facts from legitimate sources.