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Trey Coleman: Are Black People Too Loyal to the Democrats?

dem-repubby Trey Coleman
I recently wrote a blog titled “Confessions of a Black Republican” and I was called everything but a child of God, lol. It made me even more determined to keep blogging about Blacks and our political affiliation. I’m a Republican, and before anyone loses their mind and gets emotional, I’m no “Uncle Tom.”  I chose the republican party because I believe in capitalism, doing for self, and small government.  I understand the plight of the black race, at the same time I understand economics and the need for black representation in both major parties.
I was listening to the “Open Line” on WBLS in New York and Mtume, one of the moderators on the show stated that blacks should have representation in both major parties.  Now, anyone that listens to the open line knows that Mtume was a staunch democratic supporter.  I feel that having black representation in all parties gives us leverage and a seat at the table where candidates have to come to the table with a black agenda.  Right now, they don’t have to come with an agenda for us because we give our votes away at a disproportionate number.  Blacks have an allegiance to the democratic party and we have been their most reliable supporters of the last 50 years.  What have they given to Blacks in return?
We condemn blacks that are republicans yet we continue to support democrats and have nothing to show for it. According to, since 1972, blacks have voted 82-95% democratic.  For a short time after the Civil War, most blacks considered themselves Republicans, because it was started by abolitionists and it was the party of President Lincoln.
In an interview with David Gregory on Meet the Press, NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, admitted that Blacks are doing worse under the Obama administration. He said, “President Obama’s job numbers are not helpful and that African-Americans are below where they were before he took office.” The black unemployment rate was 12.7 percent when Mr. Obama took office. While the unemployment rate in the U.S. as a whole is below 8 percent.
There is no reason for President Obama to assist us when we gave him our vote without accountability.
I’m blogging to get the conversation started for our next Presidential election four years from now.  We need to start putting our agenda together NOW!  You may not agree with me but we can agree to disagree, respectfully of course.
My name is Trey Coleman.  I’m blogging to give some insight on politics, music and entertainment. I’m a Republican. I believe in a capitalistic society and the separation of church and state.  Check out my website
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