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Is there a Concerted Effort to Make Fugitive Cop Chris Dorner Look like a Lunatic?

dorner1122Most of you know about Christopher Dorner by now, the former LAPD police officer who is now on the run for his alleged involvement with the killing of three people.  Dorner wrote a long manifesto before going on what some consider a killing spree, pointing to serious problems within the LAPD that involve racism, cover-ups and serious police brutality.

But there are also parts of the manifesto that don’t seem to make much sense, and make Dorner appear to be a man who loves to ramble about a series of random topics that don’t have much to do with anything.  What’s real and what’s not?

One of our readers at Your Black World sent us a note that we thought we’d pass onto you.  She points to cases where Dorner’s manifesto appears to have been manipulated.  She asks openly if there is an effort to make him look crazy, perhaps so that the LAPD will have an easier time explaining why they killed him after he is caught.

Here is what the reader had to say:

Is there a concerted effort by mainstream media to manipulate Chris Dorner’s mission and manifesto?

I was recently on a forum where this was being discussed and someone pointed out that his 11-page manifesto was manipulated to include commentary on gun control and (presumably) the other ramblings about celebrities and journalists. I’ve included links to two different versions, the “Real” one and the main one being circulated by the media.

If this is valid, who would take such lengths to change the manifesto prior to releasing it to the public, and why? Is this yet another attempt by law enforcement and media to portray Dorner as merely a crazed psycho killer with no actual motive or agenda? To be clear, I don’t condone the killing of innocent people. But it can’t be denied that there’s information here that people in power are trying to keep away from public knowledge. Check it out for yourself:

*Link to “uncensored” manifesto being pumped out by the media:


*Link to real 11-page manifesto:

I just wanted to send along in case you or someone on your team is interested in investigating further. I definitely think there’s more here than meets the eye.
What do you think?  Is someone playing dirty tricks to manipulate the public’s perception of Dorner?

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