Is there a Concerted Effort to Make Fugitive Cop Chris Dorner Look like a Lunatic?

dorner1122Most of you know about Christopher Dorner by now, the former LAPD police officer who is now on the run for his alleged involvement with the killing of three people.  Dorner wrote a long manifesto before going on what some consider a killing spree, pointing to serious problems within the LAPD that involve racism, cover-ups and serious police brutality.

But there are also parts of the manifesto that don’t seem to make much sense, and make Dorner appear to be a man who loves to ramble about a series of random topics that don’t have much to do with anything.  What’s real and what’s not?

One of our readers at Your Black World sent us a note that we thought we’d pass onto you.  She points to cases where Dorner’s manifesto appears to have been manipulated.  She asks openly if there is an effort to make him look crazy, perhaps so that the LAPD will have an easier time explaining why they killed him after he is caught.

Here is what the reader had to say:

Is there a concerted effort by mainstream media to manipulate Chris Dorner’s mission and manifesto?

I was recently on a forum where this was being discussed and someone pointed out that his 11-page manifesto was manipulated to include commentary on gun control and (presumably) the other ramblings about celebrities and journalists. I’ve included links to two different versions, the “Real” one and the main one being circulated by the media.

If this is valid, who would take such lengths to change the manifesto prior to releasing it to the public, and why? Is this yet another attempt by law enforcement and media to portray Dorner as merely a crazed psycho killer with no actual motive or agenda? To be clear, I don’t condone the killing of innocent people. But it can’t be denied that there’s information here that people in power are trying to keep away from public knowledge. Check it out for yourself:

*Link to “uncensored” manifesto being pumped out by the media:


*Link to real 11-page manifesto:

I just wanted to send along in case you or someone on your team is interested in investigating further. I definitely think there’s more here than meets the eye.
What do you think?  Is someone playing dirty tricks to manipulate the public’s perception of Dorner?

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  2. Give it to Jesus. Cast all your burdens on him and he will fix it.

  3. Dorner is absolutely a lunatic. He is a textbook example of a narcissistic sociopath. The fact that he feels he was ostracized and railroaded on a job in no way gives him free reign to murder innocent people. Why on earth would you think he’s a media ploy? Reminds me of Lee Boy Malvo and his crony who killed at random because they felt treated unfairly. Everyone at some point in their lives have felt a sense of injustice. Sane people don’t gather an arsenal and kill innocent folk. I hope they find this pscyho soon. Perhaps you don’t. Maybe you’ll come face to face with him. Good luck.

  4. I DO NOT buy into the manifesto with the celebrity parts. I for one cannot see Donner giving former president George HW Bush any credit when his most celebrated act(if you want to call it that) was to successfully appoint that abomination that is Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.

  5. If he is portrayed as the angry muderous black man, the issues he raised in his manifesto will not be reported upon. You hardly hear about it already, just be on the look out because he is armed and dangerous.He should have gone to the media instead of going on a killing spree, call a press conference and reveal all.Then the LAPD would have had to refute or admit the claims he was making, now he can’t take anything back. Sad all around

  6. does anyone actually KNOW what happened? was this guy on some government meds at some point? is the ‘manifesto’ real? I think the police want to justify killing him like an animal because they are racist. and if he really has a story, why should he lose credibility? from the history of the lapd, it seems more like he’s telling the truth, if those are his words. this man is a military vet and they get taught to kill. the racists in lapd simply want to continue acting with impunity. they fear him and they want to serve notice that the blue code should never be violated.

  7. does anyone actually KNOW what happened? was this guy on some government meds at some point? is the ‘manifesto’ real? I think the police want to justify killing him like an animal because they are racist. and if he really has a story, why should he lose credibility? from the history of the lapd, it seems more like he’s telling the truth, if those are his words. this man is a military vet and they get taught to kill. the racists in lapd simply want to continue acting with impunity. they fear him and they want to serve notice that the blue code should never be violated.

  8. The pen is mightier than the sword!!!!Yes the media controls,can make or break anything or anyone.Money rules,the2% that own are white.LAPD is notorious for their rampnt racism,ask O.J.My prayers are for this guy,they won’t be happy until they shut him up permanently.

  9. How did we get to the point that we call Hispanic George Zimmerman a racist child killer before his trial & black Christopher Dorner a civil rights freedom fighter before he is even apprehended…Are our racial animosities so deep set that we can’t let the court process play out before declaring sides…

  10. YES! CHRISTOPHER DORNER IS BEING DEMONIZED BY THE POLICE AND THE PRESS. Enough said. I don’t condone the killings, but Mr. Dorner is not acting rationally. Pray for him; he could use a prayer or two.

  11. I am completely amazed by some of the responses to this tragedy! 3 people were murdered. Chris Donner is on the run. He stated in his 11 page rant that he has nothing to live for and would not be taken alive! You have got to be crazy as hell to kill people because you were fired from your job!! If anything he said regarding LAPD is true who will listen to him now?? I don’t believe we will ever know the complete truth! DO WE EVER??

  12. hate to break it to all of you but the one you say the media is circulating is doctored and that the 11 page one is the original have it backwards! The one with the gun control and celebrity rants came out originally. I read it on a non-news site before even the local media picked it up. That being said, there is no way to be sure if he wrote either one but it appears the media redacted the original one because they couldn’t point to any conservatives and blame them for all of this. He is still innocent until proven guilty but if he killed those three people and yes the third one was a police officer AND A FATHER OF TWO CHILDREN AND SOMEONE’s SON, BROTHER.HUSBAND, FRIEND, as well as this young couple than Dorner is a coward and whether he was treated unfairly or not is never justification to kill!

  13. The answer is YESSS….!!!
    Because the media is all those demons have on their side… Media and poor folks money /taxes…
    Remember they even tried to kill off the Obama campaign with their media and stolen po folks money. but truth be told it ain’t working anymore, shyt gets old and out-dated huh!!!

  14. What stood out to me was not necessarily the celebrity mentions but the gun control focus. I thought that was odd & could see this is as being used as part of the organized push to restrict guns in the general populace. Maybe they figure if whites don’t get behind gun control when there are white mass murderers, maybe they will get behind the effort if there’s a black mass murderer, especially one that is a former cop turned cop killer?

  15. As a rule we don’t do “crazy,” we (husband/myself) discussed this, why do I get the feeling this man lost his job for telling the truth, then sat at home and it ate away at him until he snapped, like you, I don’t condone killing innocent people and never will but he should have gotten himself the #1 lawyer and went that route before things went “snap.” May God have mercy on his soul, I hope he turns himself in before they have an excuse to kill him. The Captain that fired him and lost his daughter, my prayers are with him too, if he fired this guy for telling the truth, he paid one hell of a price!

  16. If Dorner is a lunatic, when did he become one?

    [This story was published in the Enid News & Eagle on Nov. 5, 2002.

    The military stresses integrity. It is apparently a lesson learned well by two Vance Air Force Base students. An Enid church is a little richer today thanks to the integrity of Lt. Andrew Baugher, a Marine student at Vance, and Ensign Chris Dorner, a Navy student pilot. The two were driving into Enid Sunday afternoon when they spotted a bank bag in the middle of the road. After turning around, they picked up the bag and found it contained nearly $8,000. They promptly took the bag to the Enid Police Department The money belongs to Enid Korean Church of Grace, 724 W. Randolph, and the bag contained $7,792 in cash and checks.

    Not everyone would have returned the money, but Baugher and Dorner said “it’s an integrity thing.” Both were taught honest as children, and integrity is stressed in their military training. Baugher grew up in Ankeny, Iowa, a small town north of Des Moines, and was raised in a church. Dorner was raised by his mother in La Palma, Calif., in Orange County. Both men learned the value of honesty as they were raised.“It was just the right thing to do,” Baugher said. “I have loan payments it could have taken care of.” Baugher said he learned the pastor of the church had placed the bag on top of his car and it fell off. Baugher, a Marine, is a member of the Joint Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training program at Vance. He hopes to fly an F-18. Dorner, a Navy officer, hopes to fly SH-60 helicopters used for search and rescue and in special operations. “The military stresses integrity,”
    Dorner said. “There was a couple of thousand dollars, and if people are willing to give that to a church, it must be pretty important to them.” He said it was “a little scary” having that much money in front of him. Dorner said his mother taught him honesty and integrity. “I didn’t work for it, so it’s not mine. And it was for the church,” he said. “It’s not so much the integrity, but it was someone else’s money. I would hope someone would do that for me.”]

    Is Dorner being driven by Black rage? “Black rage was first proposed by psychologists William Henry Grier and Price Cobbs in their 1968 book Black Rage. Grier and Cobbs argue that black people living in a racist, white supremacist society are psychologically damaged by the effects of racist oppression. This damage causes black people to act abnormally in certain situations.”

  17. I agree. I read the one being saturated in the press by the mainstream media with the list of celebrities. I remember thinking how bizarre that part was of the celebrities being mentioned. It doesn’t seem like Dorner would give two shits about celebrities when he has a plan to being utter destruction against the LAPD for destroying his life. So yeah, the mainstream media is simply trying to make him into some lunatic. They can’t acknowlege the fact that Dorner is highly intelligent and knows exactly what he is doing in this situation. The man is not crazy at all.