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While Republicans Remain Depressed, Minorities and Young People Are Bursting With Optimism

Ever wonder why those on the right are always mad and ranting about taking their country back? Well, according to a new a new poll Historically-Black-Colleges-and-Universitiesfrom Gallup which measures how people perceive their standard of living, minorities and young people are more optimistic than they have been at any other time. Republicans? Not so much.

The poll indicates that 61 percent of Democrats say their standard of living is improving, while only 39 percent of Republicans agree. Moreover, 41 percent of Republicans believe that their standard of living is getting worse.

Groups which lean Democrat are overall more optimistic than Republicans.

Even with the recession, 80 percent of young people from ages 18-29  believe that their standard of living is getting better while only 12 percent believe it is getting worse. Racial minorities are also optimistic about the future, with 68 to 71 percent of Hispanics, Asians and Blacks agreeing that their situation is getting better.

Republican constituencies,  however, remain in the dumps, with. only a 28 percent of people 65 years old or older who believe their situation is improving.

Here’s Gallup’s takeaway:

Americans are as likely now as at any time in the last five years to believe their standard of living is getting better, a positive sign that overall faith in the economy is improving. If Americans are right and their living standards are indeed on the upswing, then it is possible that consumer spending may soon follow, thereby expanding economic output.

If that happens, it’ll be because of the faith minorities and young people still have in this country, not conservatives.



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