Jesse Jackson Jr. Signs Plea Deal With Feds, May Get ‘Significant’ Jail Time

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., who resigned in November, has reportedly agreed to a plea deal with the Feds. Jesse Jackson Jr

Jesse Jackson Jr., son of the civil rights icon whose name he bears, was being investigated by the Feds for using campaign donations for his personal use at the time of his resignation from Congress.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Jackson’s plea deal is final:

The feds were questioning witnesses about activity in Jackson’s congressional campaign fund including for transactions specifically in 2009, 2010 and 2011, the source said.

Sources said the 17-year South Shore congressman signed a plea deal last week that acknowledges wrongdoing with respect to misusing his campaign fund.

The source said that Jackson had told others that he tried “protecting” his wife, Sandi Jackson, but “they wouldn’t let him.”

A previous report also said Jackson may get ‘significant’ jail time. 

Jackson’s wife, Sandi Jackson, is now being investigated as well and may also face jail time. The investigators are still interviewing people in Chicago and believe that Sandi Jackson had direct knowledge of her husband’s wrongdoing.

Jesse Jackson was accused of using campaign funds to remodel his home and to buy a female friend a $40,000 Rolex watch.

Jackson, Jr., was first elected to the House in December 1995, and was once considered one of the Democratic Party’s rising stars. The former Congressman even played an important role in President Obama’s first election, but after he was implicated in the Rod Blagojevich (D) scandal, that all began to change.


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  1. Black Thugs are effing up U.S.? Are you serious? The black politicians learned from their white counterparts who have been doing it for decades. Please don’t say this is a black issue, it’s people like you that ate tearing this country apart. Chec yourself fool!!

  2. Don’t forget Randy “Duke ” Cunningham congressman from San Diego Got eight years Federal Time for bribery, Happens to be White and got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.Lesson don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time when caught.

  3. Remember when Jesse Jackson said on a mike that he didn’t know was live, that he would like to “neuter” Obama? Remember when he said that Obama talked down to black people. That was the beginning of the end for the Jesses Jacksons. Jr would have got away with the stealing if Sr hadn’t talked against Obama. Remember Obama said punish your enemies.
    Yup, white and black pols steal all the time and get away with it. But you need someone to save you if you get caught.
    We need to clean out D.C. All of them are crooks living the good life while most of the country is hungry.

  4. We see this kind of thing happens a lot, my person feelings is Self disipline should be taught in College
    I am almost sure there were other resources and if these resources wer not available , he couldd not have needed the money for these reassons bad enough to risk jail and his seat. What else is missing.

  5. T H I E F . . .

  6. Wait a damn minute? Are the Feds going after the white crooks in congress for all thier wrong doing? What kind of time are they looking at? Oh yeah thats right – they white they can be crooked and not face jail time. America the what???? Caue it sure ain’t beutiful being a minority. But there is one they won’t get by The one who has the power to throw them in an everlasting fire. Oh thier day is coming. Praise God! Jesse only done what he seen and knew his collegues were doing. He just got set up.

  7. He should have know better, his name is Jesse Jackson, Jr.!

  8. He should have know better, his name is Jesse Jackson, Jr.!

  9. He should have know better, his name is Jesse Jackson, Jr.!

  10. Bought a female friend a Rolex…he is just plain stupid. Disgraceful!

    • Elizabeth — Junior is just imitating his father. Remember how Jesse Sr used Rainbow Push money to support (pay off) the mother is Sr’s “love child”?