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Former FSU Quarterback Chris Rix Goes on Radio and Implies That Darnell Dockett is Gay

Former Florida State quarterback Chris Rix went on Jay Mohr’s radio show Wednesday and insinuated that former teammate and current Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett is gay, all because Dockett spent too much time hanging out  in the dorm rooms of other guys:Darnell-Dockett

Rix: I was surprised AJ [McCarron] would come back. He’s a humble, quiet guy. He’s got the girl. He’s got the ring. I wouldn’t think he would need to do that. But I give him a little credit for standing up for himself. But there were all these jokes about Darnell and what his preference was in college, if I might, because there was a few incidents of him hanging out with some dudes in the union and stuff…

Mohr: Did guys make fun of Darnell Dockett’s s*xuality to his face?

Rix: Yes they did. He would get defensive at times as most guys would. But let’s just say there were a few questions of why is Darnell hanging at this dude’s house or this guy’s dorm room a little bit more than you’re used to hanging out at guys’ door dorms.

Rix later sent out a half apology saying he let the conversation “go somewhere it shouldn’t have”, but Dockett was having none of it. He took to Twitter in a profanity laced tirade:

@coachrix f*ck you b*tch I heard u lying on me , no one liked your sorry @ss ever, when I see u im whooping yo @ss on everything I love.

Dockett went on like that for a couple of tweets, then deleted them all.


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