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Accused Detroit Man Freestyle Raps His Defense in Court

by Deborah Caldwell

For many young men, their life’s ambition is to become a rapper or an athlete, and one such man saw his big break during a felony court Detroit_man_raps_in_court_500x315hearing.

Callius Moon, who is facing felony charges for threatening to kill his girlfriend, defended himself with a freestyle rap. Moon is charged with malicious destruction and obstructing a police officer. During his arraignment on Tuesday, Moon began to defend himself through his rap verses.

The court’s video feed showed showed Moon rapping about how  people were trying to “put it on [him].” After the alleged abuser began using profanity in his rhymes, District Judge John Chmura told Moon “that’s good” and the “show’s over.”

Moon got quiet and requested a court appointed attorney.

The story was originally reported on CBS Detroit which, in addition to reporting the story, also exposed the prejudice of their readers. The first comment in the comments section reads,  “If Obama had a son…”  and is followed up with ” this is how he’d defend himself in court”

Keep it classy.

 What do you think about Moon’s creative defense?  Was it a creative use of his talents or just an outlandish stunt?


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