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Yvette and Columnist Raynard Jackson: Obama Gave Black People Exactly What He Promised – Nothing

by Yvette Carnell

One of the issues we must eventually confront in the black community is the number of divisions which currently exist in our ranks. I yvette carnell oovoohave too many liberal views to ever be considered a black conservative, but like most people, I can’t (or at least I  shouldn’t) be defined based on my views on a handful of issues. But that’s exactly how black conservatives have been caricatured within the black community.

As I see it, the problem is that what we know of black conservatives is learned through the prism of white media. We have come to the conclusion that all black conservatives are “sellouts” because we’ve seen former Congressman Allen West making fundamentally flawed and inflammatory pronouncements on Fox News, and so on. What I plan to do in this series on black conservatives is allow them to speak for themselves, through the prism of black media instead of white media.

In this interview, I ask columnist and conservative consultant Raynard Jackson what he thinks about President  Obama’s relationship to the black community, the gay agenda (and how it impacts the black agenda), the Chicago murder rate, black culture,  and why Rev. Al Sharpton never pushed Obama to do more for the black community. 

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