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Rihanna Shows Up In Court With Chris Brown

riandcb It was an odd turn of events. Well not really. Rihanna actually showed up in court with Chris Brown, as he defended himself against allegations that he didn’t do the community service that he claimed he did, in regard to the 2009 beating of his girlfriend, who was in court with him. Now it sounds odd. TMZ learned that Rihanna sat quietly in a corner, in support of her man with his mom, as Mark Geragos protested the allegations brought against his client.

The DA has challenged Chris Brown’s number of community service hours, that the singer claims he did and wants Brown’s probation revoked. The DA is claiming that the documents filed by Brown were fraudulent and that he never did community service at, a day care center, in Virginia.

Trying to be fair, the judge asked to speak with Brown’s P.O. after Brown meets with him, within the next 48hrs. It is reported that Brown and Rihanna left the courthouse arm-in-arm. A source at the scene told TMZ that Rihanna smiled and tried to cheer a somber Brown up.

Chris may not only have Rihanna in his corner this time.  The man that the DA called on to testify against Chris Brown is not being fully supportive. He has said that it is possible that Brown waxed the floor, but he did not see it.  Brown has a break from all of this turmoil until April 15th, when he  has to appear again.

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