Frank Ocean Is Actually Sort of a Pr!ck

by Yvette Carnell

If you heard about the  brawl between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean, and you immediately jumped to the conclusion that  BrownFrank+Ocean-1was 100 percent at fault, then you should read  Jeff Himmelman’s profile of Ocean in New York Times Magazine.  Himmelman describes a diva-esque artist who is often difficult to work with and demanding.

In the interview, Ocean describes to Himmelman ways he could portray himself in the interview if  he really wanted to enhance his own image:

I have no delusions about my likability, in every scenario. I know that in order to get things done the way you want them, oftentimes your position will be unpopular…That’s why image is so important. That’s why you’ve got to practice brevity when you do interviews like this. I could try to make myself likable to you so you could write a piece that keeps my image in good standing, because I’m still selling this, or I could just say, ‘My art speaks for itself.’

Himmelman also accompanied Ocean to a garage where he was having a BMW refurbished. While there, Himmelman observed Ocean make a big deal over something that was actually quite small:

When he made it around to the front of the car, he noticed a piece of black metalwork with an insignia on it. “What’s up with the language?” he asked. “Do we need the language on it?” The owner of the garage said he could get Ocean a plain black one, but he didn’t think it was necessary because once the engine was complete you’d never see it. “It doesn’t matter if you can see it,” Ocean said.

Looks like the fame may’ve gone straight to Ocean’s head. So although Chris Brown has a history of violence, we should keep in mind that Ocean is no saint. His ego matches Brown’s pound for pound.



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  1. If Frank is a prick he and Chris should be good company for one another!

  2. If Frank is a prick he and Chris should be good company for one another!

  3. I dont understand the problem here, she-Yvette is just giving her opinion after reading the article about Frank Ocean. It is just gossip like what you often read about Chris Brown. It appears she wants to say do not think Ocean is not capable of being the aggressor in the fight. People get so upset on here with the authors I do not understand why? I doesn’t matter to me who started it really, as my life will not be significantly impacted by these young boys foolishness!

  4. If the fame went to Frank Ocean’s head, how is he any different from hundreds of other entertainers? Also, Is he “a sort of prick” because he came out about his sexuality? I’m just asking.

  5. Looks like someone has completely rushed to judgement here. You have cited absolutely zero basis for calling Frank Ocean a “prick.” If you’re going to call someone a prick at the very least do so because you’ve had some personal interaction with the specific individual or can cite some reasonable account of others who can support such a claim. This is simply another display of the horribly one sided biased journalism that has ravaged mainstream American media. I’m sure you can do much better than this Yvette!

  6. This is beneath you Yvette. Too bad you don’t realize it.

  7. Yvette,
    Come on now…. really? Your article lacks any credible evidence that Ocean is a “prick.” Nothing in Himmelman’s article is remotely enough basis for you to call this man a prick. If he is having a car refurbished and paying for it with HIS money, then he has a right to have to the job done to his satisfaction. Often times you and Boyce are so biased and short-sighthed that it makes me want to unsubscribe. You have not met this man and yet you are basing your entire defamatory remark (prick) based on an article in a paper? GTFOH. Chris Brown is a freaking nutcase and I don’t need a jewish writer to tell me that.