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Damario Solomon-Simmons: Football Recruits Warned About NCAA Fine Print

national_signing_day_logoThere is no time in which promises, potentiality, and pleading are more celebrated than during college football recruiting and the upcoming National Football Signing Day.  Whether it be the daily phone calls, mountains of letters, or in-home visits, college recruiters will tell top recruits just about anything to get them to sign, and usually the recruiter with the best “mouthpiece” gets the recruit to sign on the dotted line.   However, I doubt that at anytime during their recruitment are recruits told that their “free four-year ride” to pay for their college education:


  • Is NOT  really free;
  • Is NOT guaranteed for four (4) years; and
  • Is NOT necessarily for a college education.

First, the four-year scholarship every high school football player dreams about receiving is actually a one (1)-year, renewable at the institution’s discretion, financial aid package.   Regardless of all the talk about “we are going to treat your son like he is my own” and “we stress education and getting your degree to all of our players” that coaches spew during recruiting,   once on campus, if the athlete does not perform to the level that the coach expected, the athlete runs the real risk of having his “full ride scholarship” cancelled after his “subpar” season.

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