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Couple Shot Dead by Neighbor In Dispute Over Dog Poo


Chung Kim, 75 years old, gunned down his neighbors, Jamie Stafford, and his fiancée Michelle Jackson after the man became angry with the couple for dumping dog feces on his porch. The couple lived above Kim in Sable Ridge Apartment complex in Dallas, Texas.

Around 8:00 a.m. on Monday, the incident reached a boiling point when, Jackson dropped dog’s droppings at the front door of Chung Won Kim downstairs apartment. Next, an argument ensued which led to Kim pulled out a handgun and shot Jackson twice as she stood on the balcony above. Jackson, a mother of four would later die from her wounds. Kim then went upstairs and shot Stafford as he climbed over the railings and jumped from the balcony where his fiancée was just fatally wounded. Kim stepped onto the balcony and fired at Stafford.

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