Black Family Sues Disneyland, Claims White Rabbit Refused to Touch Their Child

by Deborah Caldwell

A black family is suing Disneyland after they say the actor who portrayed the white rabbit from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ refused to touch their child because of race.

Courtesy: CBS
Courtesy: CBS

Jason and Annelia Black of San Diego County also accuse the Disneyland actor of behaving impatiently while interacting with their children. But the family says the white rabbit was extremely patient and affectionate while interacting with white children.

Courtesy: CBS
Courtesy: CBS

“There were two other kids that came up. The rabbit showered them. Hugged them, kissed them, posed with them, and took pictures. Meanwhile, that made my kids feel horrible,” said Jason.

The family filed a complaint with Disneyland officials once they noticed the difference in how the white rabbit related to white children and black children.

The Blacks said they were offered VIP passes and $500, but did not want to return and turned down the gifts. In addition, the family says they were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

The family says that all they want is for the person in the white rabbit costume to be fired and a public apology from Disneyland.




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  1. Wow…I guess this is why I enjoy coming to this site every once and a while.

    A white rabbit, a black kid, disney…

    I wonder what would’ve happened if the little boy would have kicked him in the shin.

    What a waste of money. I cannot stand crackers. (bologna smelling rodents)

  2. Black people why do you continue to whine and sue white establisments that don’t have any interest in you at all period? We act as if that M.L. King fought for us as a race to be among and participate in everything that the white man puts in America’s eye.Black people act and say to themselves and their children “we are the same as white people and only our skin happens to be black”. That,s true but the but is that before America burned when King was assassinated in 1968, history unveils a America built for, ran by, priveiledge to and worshipped as a white republic first and foremost. All other people, especially the kin of slaves, relatives to the Jim Crow era negroes, these frightened crackers fear diminishment by the mixing of the dominant dark gene and/or the black folk with the Nate Turner mentality, as white people continue to institute the passive negroe plan..

  3. Walt Disney was a anti semite, so this should not surprise anyone. This is his legacy. If black people boycott disneyland they would be in serious trouble. Black people are the number one consumers!!

  4. Know the price of them Disney tickets? Black people need to make better use of their cash, and forget that bull. Why in this day and age with all the diseases and crap going around would you want some smell bad character in a bunny suit touching, much less hugging your baby. Are you crazy.

  5. Black buying power. You don’t have to spend your money there. Years ago there was a discrimination suit against Dennys. I have never eaten there. My money talks. Yours should too.

  6. I believe that this happen because it happen to the six African American children that I took to Disneyland eleven years ago but with Tiger and Poo Bear. The African American Children were not being pay attention too or touched but the
    White, Asian and Mexican children were. This racism has been going on at Disneyland for a long time. I only wish I had filed suit and requested that the employees be fired. We was offered to be walked across to Califorina Adventure to enter for free that was closing up 30 minutes later. As a child my family us to go to Disneyland once a month back when we used ticket books. Now living in Arizona, I don’t get to visit Disneyland but once per year. I have not visit Disneyland for 11 years since my children and grandchildren was discrimanated agaist and I don’t plan on ever going back to Disneyland. 

  7. so what? why is this article even mentioned?

    Why on earth would I want the guy in the suit hugging my children anyway?

    See the jerk in the rabbit suit kids… let’s go over here instead…..,

    no cause for a lawsuit.

  8. when are we going swallow the fact that albions don’t like us and don’t want our money. the corporations want our money because they know they won’t have to be bothered with any contact. disney was racist and wouldn’t hire any of our artists. do you know of the mouseketeers? hell, even the cartoons were racist. why do we need to be included in the krackers’ b.s. our people may be color-blind, but those krackers aren’t. teach our own, entertain our own. what did integration and music crossover get us? we have more race traitors, ass kissers, visibly fucked up entertainers, preachers, politicians, etc., and we embrace all the shit because we’ve been corrupted by krackers’ mores. we need to save ourselves. stay away from those cavemen and cavewomen. I’m pleased your child is a baby, start teaching now, so he or she won’t be heartbroken later. @big annie.

  9. Sounds sadly familiar. I had enrolled my daughter who was an infant at the time into a Gymkhanna class for infants and moms.
    The white instructor did as the Disneyland character did: touched and cooed over the white kids, touched them , “kissed” them repeatedly with a hand puppet character. When instructor came to my baby, she hesitated. And grimaced…never touched my child, acted impatient with me and my baby. It made my stomach churn that even as a baby, my kid was being mistreated because of the color of her skin.
    I told in the white bytch…she was fired (I checked later), got apology,refund, voucher for more classes.
    I didn’t ask for any of that…but that company had sense to at least try to make things right.