49ers’ Family Killed by Drunk Driver After Super Bowl

49ers' Tight end Delanie Walker's aunt Alice and uncle Bryan Young were killed in a car crash after the Super Bowl.
(L to R) Bryan Young, Delanie Walker, Alice Young

People who tuned in to watch the Super Bowl this past Sunday were in for a treat. The 49ers started off very weak in the first half, but thanks to a bizarre, 37-minute power outage, the team hit the field with energy and made a strong comeback. Unfortunately though, the Baltimore Ravens still took home the trophy, winning by a 3-point lead.

As if the loss of the most important game of his life wasn’t already devastating, 49ers’ tight end Delanie Walker lost two of his relatives to a drunk driving incident in Louisiana following the game. Walker’s aunt and uncle, Bryan and Alice Young, were returning home from supporting Walker at the Super Bowl when they were tragically struck by 26-year-old inebriated Nechole T. Thomas around 5:30 AM on Monday. Thomas escaped the fiery crash with minor injuries and was arrested on suspicion of vehicular homicide, driving while intoxicated, and reckless operation of a vehicle.

26 Year Old Nechole Thomas of Houston, TX is responsible for the deaths of Bryan and Alice Young.
Nechole Thomas of Houston

Walker took to social media to notify everyone of the tragedy: “Alice and bryan young my aunt and uncle was killed on Monday at 5 am after the super bowl by a drunk driver… We lost some good people they will be missed i love y’all so much,” he posted via Twitter. He also posted pictures of him and his aunt and uncle. The couple’s son, DeAndre Walker, miraculously decided to stay home that day to focus on his academics and track.


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  1. What also needs to be addressed is this woman moved to Houston from Missouri recently. A lot of people are hating on Houston. There are drunks everywhere, but this one isn’t ours. God bless the family.

  2. If that young lady was in fact drunk and driving knowing full well she could kill someone or herself and passgers is found guilty she should be locked up for life! She tore a family apart and made a young man with a promising future a orphan! I too lost a good friend to a drunk driver and I hate them!

  3. prayers for the family.

  4. Praying for the family



  7. Along with praying for the members of both families, please keep Bryans mother in your prayers. She is one of my church mothers and is not doing well! Thanks so much.

  8. Along with praying for the members of both families, please keep Bryans mother in your prayers. She is one of my church mothers and is not doing well! Thanks so much.

  9. My Goodness! This is so very sad to hear. May God give this family Peace, and comfort during this time Losing a Beloved Relative is devastating. May the lord rest their souls in Peace.

  10. Prayers. May God’s grace be with The family in this difficult time.