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Touré is Taking Heat For Supporting Obama’s Declared Right to Kill American Citizens

Touré was never a political pundit before President Obama’s ascent. His gig was music, and sometimes culture. And now that he has made ittoure10 to the mainstream media as an MSNBC talking head, many people are beginning to wonder why he was ever encouraged to take the leap from writer and music analyst to political prognosticator. Problem is, Touré seems to get caught talking in circles, defending life through his anti-gun positions one day, then defending drone wars the next.

During a discussion on MSNBC’s The Cycle, Touré said he was “comfortable” with the Obama administration’s current framework which allows for the targeted drone k*lling of Americans who live abroad.

Then Touré went further: “It’s hard to say, ‘let’s not do things because we might radicalize other people,'” Touré said of his co-host’s objections to the new rules for drone strikes.

“But that was the argument under Bush,” co-host S.E. Cupp shot back, calling Touré’s attention to the hypocrisy embedded within his comments.

“But when we say, ‘this person is leading Al Qaeda to do things’ – as soon as you join Al Qaeda, you become an imminent threat,” Touré added.

Touré seems to believe that since President Obama is commander-in-chief, he has the right to take the lives of however many American citizens he likes. That’s the beginning and end of the argument for him.




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