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Obama Signs Bill To Allow More Debt For U.S., Increasing Deficit by Billions

obama podiumWhen you borrow money whether it be for a car, a house, or just to pay off some bills, you are expected to pay it back in a timely manner, most of the time with interest. When you borrow, the money comes from a bank, or a payday loan company. Many are in debt these days, and the numbers can seem overwhelming to them. If you think you have a lot of debt, take a look at how much the country owes and you won’t feel as bad!

The current national deficit is $16.4 trillion. This number has increased by billions per day. It is hard to imagine having borrowed that much money and still being able to borrow more. Where is the money coming from? Certainly not a small time bank, or even a bank like Bank of America. How are we going to go about stimulating the economy enough so that the debt can begin to be paid off?

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