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Gun Supply Sells “Barocky” Target Zombie Which Resembles President Obama

After Trayvon Martin was murdered, his hoodie was turned into a popular gun range target, which eventually sold out. If that weren’t obama zombiebad enough, there are now “Barocky” gun range targets which eerily resemble President Obama.

Zombie Industries, the creators of  gory zombies targets, also produces one named “Rocky,” or “Barocky”, as it is commonly called,  which appears to be an Obama effigy.

A promotional video highlights “Barocky” being used for a February 12th zombie  shooting night which will have all the bells and whistles, including a fog machine and strobe lights. It sounds more like a perfect recipe for gun totin’ knuckleheads to shoot each other than a good time, but that wouldn’t be a first.  Several  people were shot at three different gun shows on Gun Appreciation Day alone:

Emergency personnel had to be called to the scene of the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh, North Carolina after a gun accidentally discharged and shot three people at the show’s safety check-in booth just after 1 pm.

So although the “Barocky” zombie is troubling, those out for a good fun night of shooting should be careful not to shoot each other while they’re all riled up at shooting a zombie which resembles President Obama.

The advertisement for the zombie night warns people to be ready for the next zombie outbreak, but those of us who are not on the far right already believe that we live amongst zombies. We’re already prepared, because although the  outbreak didn’t begin when President Obama was elected, it increased exponentially.

Watch the video here.  

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