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Cissy Houston Has It In For Bobby Brown Says Whitney Would Have Had Different Life Without Him

cissybobbyThe hot topic in the death of Whitney Houston has been her mother Cissy Houston’s constant bashing of Bobby Brown. She seems to blame Brown for the lifestyle that her daughter was leading. Cissy Houston sat down, once again, to discuss her daughter’s death and her new book with Daybreak. When asked about the marriage between her daughter and Brown, and if she thinks Whitney would have been better off she said, “I really do. She just happened to fall in love I guess with someone that really wasn’t for her. They were from two different worlds.”

Brown has been blamed for Whitney’s excessive use of drugs in the past. But you would think that her brother coming out and admitting that he was the one that got her hooked on drugs would stop all of the madness. At the time of Whitney Houston’s death, Bobby Brown was nowhere around.

Since Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston got divorced, Brown had moved on to someone else and had another child, to add to his growing clan. It was alleged that Whitney Houston was dating Ray J at the time of her death, which rumor has it, Cissy did not approve of either.

With all due respect, it sounds like Cissy Houston is still grieving over the death of her daughter and has not come to terms with the life that her daughter was leading. She is pointing fingers at the men in her life. If she is going to point fingers shouldn’t she also call out those around her, within the Industry, that may have had an even greater influence than Bobby Brown and Ray J combined?


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