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Chris Rock Heads to Capitol Hill to Help President Obama Push For Gun Control

Chris Rock’s comedy is funny for a variety of reasons, but the comic’s cultural observations are second to no one. Rock succinctly chris rockpacks the cultural traditions of Americans of all races into snappy one liners that resonate and make you laugh. Now Rock is taking that talent for careful observation to Capitol Hill, where he plans on using it to help the Obama administration’s push for gun control.

Politico reports:

Rock, along with singer Tony Bennett, actress Amanda Peet, actor Adam Scott and actress Anna Deavere Smith will join a coalition featuring Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.), Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Law Center to Prevent Violence at a press conference in the U.S. Capitol. The group is aligned with the website

The organization is reportedly in favor of  expanding background checks as well as a banning assault weapons.

In his previous stand-up routine, Rock expressed his feelings on gun control, joking, “Gun control? We need bullet control! I think every bullet should cost $5,000. Because if a bullet cost five thousand dollars, we wouldn’t have any innocent bystander.”

Rock also recently told the Television Critics Association, “The gun lobby also says people need to be able to protect their property. … “But every mass shooting is done by guys who live with their mother. So I believe you should need to have a mortgage to buy a gun. A mortgage is a real background check. Even if you go to jail for 30 years, you’ve still got to pay your f—-king mortgage.”

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