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Woman’s Racially Motived Tirade on Two Women of Color Videotaped

racist rantA disturbed woman in U.K. chided two young women of color in the lobby at Ispwich Hospital in Suffolk. The woman lashed out at the young women exclaiming, “Where do you come from,” to 23-year Nigerian Gina Thompson and her 21-year old friend, from Spain. The two young women endured 2 minutes of verbal aggressions.  The woman was citing England’s economic issues stating, “You’re coming over here and you’re pleading poverty. We are paying taxes for you a**holes and we are going down in this crisis.”

Finally Thompson fires back, “You won’t call me an a**hole. I will not accept that. Don’t call me an a**hole. Don’t come to my face and insult me. You won’t do that. Calling me an a**hole? Are you alright?”

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