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Tiki Barber Says Charging $500 For Lunch With Him Doesn’t Mean He’s Broke

Tiki Barber did an ‘Ask Me Anything’ question and answer session on the social media news site Reddit on Monday. Most of the answerstiki-barber-1 to the questions weren’t newsworthy, but one question did stand out above the rest. One bold redditor decided to ask Barber why he charges people $500 to go to lunch with him.

Here’s the exchange:

” … Why are you having two hour lunches for people for 500$? I can’t be that broke…”

Barber responded:

“(…) I’m testing out pricing and date points for a business I created. At that price point, we are booking about 20 bookings a month. And don’t forget, I have a nationally syndicated radio show now. It’s not about being broke, it’s about being an entrepreneur.”

Barber runs a company called Thuzio, which allows ordinary people rent out current and former athletes for events, receptions,  birthday parties, and yes – lunches. You can even pay $1,000 for NBA players on Barber’s site to come to your home and play some one on one with you.  As co-founder of the company, Barber is also one of the athletes available for rent.

So what Barber is really doing is experimenting with pricing, using himself as the test subject. Consumers don’t tend to stand by a business unless the CEO does as well, so in this case, Barber is putting his money where his mouth is, and helping to get other athletes paid as well. You certainly can’t knock him for that.

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