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Road Rage Incident Triggered by “Impeach Obama” Bumper Sticker

Paul Guaschino was driving on Friday when a fellow motorist spotted an “Impeach Obama” bumper sticker on the 62-year-old impeachobamaConnecticut man’s car. According the The Smoking Gun,  another driver didn’t like the bumper sticker, and flipped off Guaschino.

In response to being given the middle finger, Guaschino allegedly followed the other driver to a traffic light,  then exited his car–baseball bat in hand–and struck the trunk of the middle finger-waving driver. The other driver “fled in fear of his safety,” police said.

Charges were filed against Guaschino for threatening, criminal mischief, and breach of peace. He is scheduled to appear in court on February 20th, and did not comment on why someone flipping him a middle finger caused hime to become enraged.

It is somewhat surprising that there aren’t more road rage incidents considering how blatantly racist some of the anti-Obama bumper stickers and paraphernalia have been.  Remember the Romney supporter who wore a t-shirt that read,   “Put the White Back in the White House”?

Remember the, “N*gger please, it’s the WHITE House” t-shirt? And probably most memorable of all were the  “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012″ bumper stickers.

So even though this bumper sticker was not racist, tensions were bound to boil over at some point. It was bound to happen. But as this story demonstrates, some of these anti-Obama right wingers are prone to violence. It is best to leave them alone.  If they’re looking for an excuse to be violent, don’t give them one.




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